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Target ads to geographic locations

AdWords location targeting allows your ads to appear in the

geographic locations that you choose: countries, areas within a country, a radius around a location, or location groups.


Location targeting helps you focus your advertising on the areas where you'll find the right

right customers, and restrict it in areas where you don't -- which could help increase your return on investment (ROI) as a result.


Targeting the right locations for your business - These targeting locations are good for?

Location target - Countries

What type of business

Targeting your ads to a country or multiple countries can be a good idea if you provide products and services to those large areas. Targeting entire countries allows you to receive more ad exposure than you would by targeting a few individual cities or regions within a country.

Type of business:

A national business serving an entire country
An online retailer shipping worldwide
An international business selling to several countries


Targeting the right locations for your business - These targeting locations are good for?

Location target - Areas within a country

What type of business

Consider using more precise targeting if your business doesn't serve all regions or cities, or you'd like to focus your advertising efforts on certain areas within a country. Depending on the country, you can target regions, cities, or postal codes.

Type of business:

A business that serves a local neighborhood
A business with special offers in selected locations
A business selling products in selected regions or cities


Targeting the right locations for your business - These targeting locations are good for?

Location target - Radius around a location

What type of business

Radius targeting (also known as proximity targeting or "Target a radius") allows you to choose to show your ads to customers within a certain distance from your business, rather than choosing individual cities, regions, or countries.

Type of business:

A business that delivers within a selected radius
A local business whose customer base is within a radius around the business


What to consider when choosing your location targets:

Be sure to target the locations where your customers are -- which isn't necessarily the

the same place that your business is located. For example, if you own an e-commerce company, target all the locations you ship to, not just where your business is physically located.


If you target an area that your business isn't located, you won't be able to see your ad when you search on However, you can use the

Ad Preview Tool to find your ad.


You may have noticed that when you edit your location targeting settings, AdWords suggests other locations that you might want to target. You can review these suggestions to see if they make sense for your ad campaign.

Available location targeting suggestions are?

1. Locations that enclose: - Locations that enclose: Enclosing locations are larger areas that contain the location you've selected. You might consider adding this larger enclosing location if you want to reach a larger audience.

2. Related locations: - Related locations: Related locations may be near the location that you've entered, have a similar name, or enclose a location that has a similar name. Related locations can be added to or excluded from your campaigns.

3. Nearby locations: - Next to the name of a location, you may also see a Nearby link. Nearby locations are, as you might have guessed, locations that are nearby that you may also consider adding to or excluding from your campaigns.


What are other bulk editing options

AdWords Editor: Our free, downloadable application for managing your AdWords advertising campaigns offline. Find out how to make bulk changes to location targets in AdWords Editor.

AdWords API: Our AdWords API allows developers to build applications that interact directly with the AdWords platform. Find out more about AdWords API geo targeting options.


How ads are matched to geographic locations

You can use your advanced location options to choose whether you’d like your ad to appear for someone’s

to appear for someone’s physical location, locations of interest, or both (which is the default setting).


The AdWords system uses a number of factors to determine someone’s general physical location and whether to show your ad. When possible, we determine general physical location based on someone's

based on someone's computer or mobile device location.


What are the two physical location when determining location?

1. IP address:
2. Device location:


Device location:

If users have enabled precise location sharing on a mobile device, AdWords can detect the?

the device location, and use on the search network, from one of the following sources based on availability:

GPS: Accuracy varies depending on GPS signal and connection.
Wi-Fi: Accuracy should be similar to the access range of a typical Wi-Fi router.
Google's cell ID (cell tower) location database: Used in the absence of Wi-Fi or GPS. Accuracy is dependent on how many cell towers are located within an area and available data, and some devices don't support cell ID location.


If the AdWords system detects geographic areas that someone is interested in, we may show appropriate ads targeted to that area (known as

(known as location of interest), even if the person isn't physically located in the location.


What are examples of how we might detect a location of interest if a user does any of the following:

Includes the name of a recognizable location in her search.
Searches within an area of the map on Google Maps or Google Maps for Mobile.
Sets a custom location for Google search results.
Uses a country-specific domain, such as (France), without including another location in the search. This will indicate the country specified in the domain (France, in this instance) as a location that the person may be interested in.
Views content on the Google Display Network related to a geographic location. A location mentioned on a page may not always indicate interest in that location. For example, someone who is reading news about San Francisco isn’t necessarily interested in ads for San Francisco florists. For that reason, we'll determine location from a limited set of pages when we believe it can be useful for targeting your ads.


What are the locations for users showing interest (Locations Interest)

1. Recent locations
2. Advanced location options
3. Related cities
4. Ads on and


Ads on and

Location targeting works differently for users who search on and

How does this work

Users in Hong Kong who search on either or will see ads targeted to Hong Kong.
Users outside of Hong Kong who search on either or will see ads targeted to China.