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AdWords Application Programming Interface (API)

The Google AdWords Application Programming Interface (API) is designed for

for developers representing large, tech-savvy advertisers and third parties. This includes agencies, search engine marketers (SEMs), and other online marketing professionals who manage multiple client accounts or large campaigns.


The API is flexible and functional -- you can use it to build an application that meets your needs. Using the API, you can:

Automatically generate keywords, ad text, destination URLs, and custom reports.
Integrate AdWords data with your inventory system to manage campaigns based on stock.
Develop additional tools and applications to help you manage accounts.


Getting started with the API

Signing up is easy. All you need is an active

an active AdWords account. Once you've registered as a developer, you can access the AdWords API Center to manage your token and budget settings.


Signing up for the AdWords API

Step 1: Select a suitable MCC account
Step 2a: Apply for access to the AdWords API in your MCC account
Step 2b: Continue your application
Step 3: Set up billing and accept Terms and Conditions of usage
Step 4a: Token Review team has approved my Developer Token
Step 4b: Token Review team has rejected my application


Benefits and languages
AdWords API benefits

With the AdWords API, you can employ programs that help you interact with your

your AdWords account more efficiently.


Benefits and languages

You have many development and integration opportunities -- from simply pulling

pulling reports automatically to creating complex applications that integrate with existing databases and enterprise systems.


Depending on your programming talents and advertising needs, the possibilities are practically limitless. Some possibilities include:

Generating automatic keyword, ad text, URL, and custom reports
Integrating AdWords data with other databases, such as inventory systems
Developing additional tools and applications to help you better manage AdWords accounts


Programming languages supported

The AdWords API uses

SOAP 1.1 and WSDL 1.1

SOAP is the Simple Object Access Protocol. It's used for information exchange and RPC, usually (but not necessarily) over HTTP. More information can be found at .
WSDL is the Web Service Description Language. It provides a formal description of a web service, much like CORBA's IDL. The WSDL file is all you need to know how to call the web service; toolkits can generate proxy code from a WSDL file directly.


About AdWords API Versioning

The AdWords API is frequently updated, with the goal of

goal of feature parity with the online AdWords interface.


Getting Started with AdWords API
Signing up for the AdWords API

To sign up for the AdWords API, you'll need a

a My Client Center (MCC) account.


you can sign up for the AdWords API directly from the

from the My Account tab. Click on "API Center" and follow the instructions to apply for AdWords API access.


invoicing for the AdWords API is

is separate from other AdWords payments you may make for other charges (such as advertising costs).


Getting Started with AdWords API

You'll be assigned a Developer

Token once your application is approved. This unique text string of letters, numbers and symbols is your key to accessing the API. Your token will be sent to your account email address and will also be available through your AdWords API Center -- accessible through your My Account tab.


About AdWords API web services

Using the AdWords API, you can create and manage

manage campaigns, ad groups, keywords, and ads. You can also generate keyword suggestions, get traffic estimates for predicted impressions, receive clicks and clickthrough rates, and retrieve reports on actual performance.


Tools and Resources
Overview of AdWords API tools and resources

The AdWords API Service has a wealth of resources in addition to code documentation, to help developers get started quickly. We provide open source client libraries and existing applications that can serve as the foundation for new applications. Further, we offer a

sandbox environment so developers can experiment without making changes to their account or using AdWords API units.


About the AdWords API sandbox

The sandbox is a

a testing and development environment that replicates the functionality of the AdWords API web services.


You can use the sandbox to:

Develop and test applications without spending API units (calls made in the sandbox are free)
Test logic that would modify your AdWords campaigns (changes in the sandbox never affect live campaigns)
Develop an AdWords API client library without having an AdWords account (using the sandbox only requires a Google account)
Develop against new or changed AdWords API methods before the changes go live on the production service