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Overview of AdWords tools

AdWords tools can be used for a variety of functions.


1. Account management tools
2. Keyword tools
3. Placement refinement tools
4. Bid and budget management tools
5. Ad creation tools
6. Troubleshooting tools


What does the Account management tools do

Account management tools help you view, edit, and update your account efficiently.


What does the Keyword tools do

Keyword tools provide resources for choosing effective keywords.


What does the Placement refinement tools do

Placement refinement tools enable you to optimize where your ad appears.


What does the Bid and budget management tools do

Bid and budget management tools help you make the most of your advertising budget, either by saving you time or providing insight into what you should bid for your advertising.


What does the Ad creation tools do

Ad creation tools enable you to create customized ads to promote your business.


What does the Troubleshooting tools do

Troubleshooting tools help you figure out how to solve issues that come up in your account. For example, using the disapproved ads filter helps you quickly find and update ads that aren't running for policy reasons.


See your account history

Your AdWords account contains a history of changes that lets you see what you've done in the

in the past so you can understand the recipe that led to success -- and aim for even better results in the future.


See your account history

By seeing your account statistics alongside the changes you've made across your campaigns, you can

understand what events may have triggered changes in your ads' performance.


See your account history

You can customize which changes you'd like to see -- by

by date range, campaign or ad group, user, and type of change -- and, if you decide the changes you’ve made aren’t helping you achieve your advertising goals, you can roll back those changes using the "Undo" feature as long as they were made in the last 30 days.


See your account history

you can roll back those changes using the "Undo" feature as long as they were made in the last

30 days.


How to see and use your change history

Click the

Tools tab and select Change History.


Account actions tracked in your change history

What are the various change types tracked in your history:


1. Ad
2. Budget
3. Bid
4. Network
5. Keyword
6. Status
7. Targeting


In addition to changes made directly in your AdWords account, your change history will show changes made via

automated rules, AdWords API, and AdWords Editor.


Your change history doesn't track

password changes (for security reasons).


Using the chart in your change history

If line after line of changes listed makes your eyes swim, take a look at the chart in your change history. Changes are mapped to the chart and you can choose which statistics ?

See different metrics: You can view one or two statistics in the chart. Choose one from the first drop-down menu, and add another to compare to using the second drop-down menu, if you like.

See exact numbers: Move your mouse cursor over a point in the chart, and we'll show you specific metrics for that data point.


Undo changes in your account history

You may not be able to travel back in time, but the

"Undo" feature lets you roll back changes you’ve made in your account during the last 30 days to their previous state.


You can undo changes you made to your account on the Change history page, indicated by an

By clicking the Left Arrow Undo Image


Many, but not all, changes can be undone. If a change can't be undone, you won't

you won't see an arrow button next to it.


In rare circumstances, we won't be able to undo changes even if you've clicked the arrow button (we'll let you know if that happens). This could be because the associated item has been

has been deleted since the change was made, or someone else with access to your account has already undone the change since you last refreshed the page, for example.


Undo changes can take from

30 minutes to 3 hours to appear in your account and on your Change history page.