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To calculate an ad's conversion rate you must divide the number of

Conversion / ad clicks


Is there a report for language & location performance



to being performance tracking your campaign on the search network you should create a report on the

Campaigns tab


How do you view the placement report

Campaign > Display Network Tab


A Placement Performance Report will show

Performance statistics for your ads on specific domains and URLs in the Display Network.


Is there a report for Product Listing Ads



Is Search Share Performance a Report

No it is not


Which of these is a best practice to apply in order to obtain a high level of performance with your AdWords ads

Create and run tailor-made reports which display detailed statistics on performance


What does the Geographic Performance Report not show

Addresses and User information date


What does the Geographic Performance Report show

Geographic data and User Location


The Conversion (main-per-click) will count multiple conversions per click. This conversion will measure

every time that they happen to purchase, register, fills out a form etc.


The Conversion (1-per-click) counts a conversion for every AdWords Ad Click. Conversions after the first click

will not count. If they click the ad it will count as another one-per-click. However, if the user goes in through a bookmark or some other form without clicking the ad. and complete registration, or purchase. the one-per-click will not count, and only have the one from clicking the ad.


An advertiser performs a search using a keyword from his account and the Ad Preview and Diagnosis Tool. However, he cannot see his ad in the results. What should be his next step to establish the reason why?

Hover over the speech bubble on the Keywords tab to perform a ‘keyword diagnosis’


An advertiser wants to assess the (daily/weekly/monthly) performance of his impression and click statistics for his keywords over a set period of time. Which of these is the correct way for the advertiser to view these metrics?

Select the appropriate date range, then choose the click and impression metrics from the columns drop-down


An advertiser would like to analyze data on Cost per conversion and the total Cost for his campaign. How can the advertiser achieve this result

From the Campaigns tab, choose Columns > Customise Columns and select the metrics


An advertiser considers increasing the budget for his campaign so it can gain more exposure. Which AdWords report can help him understand whether this action is necessary?

Auction Insights Report

"The Auction insights report provides five different statistics: impression share, average position, overlap rate, position above rate, and top of page rate. You can generate for one or more keywords, ad groups, or campaigns, as long as they meet a minimum threshold of activity for the time period selected.


What five statistics does the Auction insights give

1. Average Position
2. Impression Share
3. Overlap Rate
4. Position above rate
5. Top of page rate


What is meant by the term ‘Reach’ when running a Reach and Frequency Report?

The number of unique customers who saw the ad in a set time period


What is meant by the term ‘Frequency’ when running a Reach and Frequency Report?

The MINIMUM number of times that a unique user saw your ad in a set time scale


In order to view the first page bid metric within your statistics table in your account, first you will need to navigate to:

Keywords > Columns > Customise columns > Attributes > First page bid est > Save


An advertiser would like to learn more about the assist clicks and assist impressions that have led to conversions for his AdWords campaign. Where can the advertiser find this information?

Search Funnels


What are some reports that can be found in the Dimensions Tab

Performance per Label
Time Segmentation
Geographic Performance


Is Dynamic Search Ads Performance in the Dimensions Tab

No it is not


Advertisers wishing to view invalid click statistics that were automatically filtered from their accounts should see the “Invalid Clicks” and “Invalid Click Rate” columns within the ___ and ___ tabs.

Campaign, Dimensions


Relative CTR is way to measure performance on the Google Display Network. It does not influence how often an

ad appears on Search.


"Relative CTR is a measure of how your ads are performing on the Display Network compared to

other advertisers' ads that are appearing on the same websites."


What are factors that that influence how often a given ad appears

1. Ad Rotation
2. Time
3. Approval Status


Exact match impression share is available on

Search Network campaigns only


Sam has analyzed his Reach and Frequency Report and has decided to implement frequency capping on his campaign. What does this do

It allows advertisers to restrict the amount of times an ad can be shown per day, week or month on the Display Network

“If you turn on frequency capping for a campaign, you specify a limit to the number of impressions you'll allow per day, per week, or per month for an individual on the Google Display Network. You also choose whether the limit applies to each ad, ad group, or campaign. Frequency capping doesn't apply to the Search Network. Setting a frequency cap can be helpful if you want to limit the number of times someone sees your ad, or if you want to focus more on gaining exposure to new people.


Frequency capping doesn't apply to the

Search Network.


A change to frequency capping, such as a change from a cap of two to three, can take up to

a day to take effect.


Although it's uncommon, a slight server delay can result in the

frequency cap that you've set being exceeded.


You can use data from the CTR and Conversion rate columns of your frequency report to

help guide you on where to set the cap.”


When using the Auction Insights report, the report allows...

The report allows advertisers to compare their performance with other advertisers who are competing in the same ad auctions


On the 'all online campaigns' view, if conversion tracking is not enabled, which column is most likely to indicate how well a campaign is performing?



Is there a Landing Page Performance



Is there a report for Account Performance



It is possible to view demographic information for visitors to your website, on the display network such as:

age range & gender


On a display network work under the display network tab can you sort by location

No not under the display network tab


Are location statistics available in the dimensions tab

Yes, in the dimensions tab.