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Does increasing your daily budget increase traffic

No it does not.


Does broadening location targeting increase traffic

Yes it does


When optimizing, an advertiser should not necessarily

Use exact match type. Even though it helps increase CTR exact matches do not have to be necessarily used. (it can be useful but not necessary)


Optimization means taking steps to get the results you want by improving your account's quality and performance, without

raising your costs.

It can include ad text improvements, changes to your bids, changes to ad targeting options, better organization within your campaign, and more.


Are impressions important for ROI

No, impressions are not


To maximize traffic to your ad, consider using the

first page bid estimate as a basis for your bidding strategy.


What is an important factor to consider when optimizing your account for an improvement in ROI

Assigning your budget appropriately depending on performance.


The bid simulator will give you insight on

impressions, clicks and costs


An advertiser wishes to increase his clickthrough rate whilst ensuring he maintains the current flow of traffic his site receives. Which of these is the best way to do this?

Use keyword matching options to help filter out searches that are not relevant to the ads


Things you can't test with experiments

1. Targeting of any kind - geo, language, networking, device
2. bidding features
3. daily budget
4. ad extensions
5. ad scheduling
6. frequency capping
7. negative keywords at the campaign level


Can you test new placements with Campaign Experiments



In order to run experiments you must switch off

automatic bidding / enhanced CPC.

If you do not switch off both of these features you cannot run campaign experiments.


What can't you do through AdWords Editor when campaign experiments are running

1.Create, Pause, Delete a Campaign Experiment.

Display segmented statistics for experiment and control groups


Ad Scheduling is set according to the time zone chosen at the

Account Level


An advertiser is running a Search Network campaign that is limited by budget. What effect will increasing CPC bids have on the number of conversions that the campaign receives

Higher cost per conversion with less conversions.


An advertiser should seek to constantly improve CTR in relation to

past performance


Increasing CPC bids on a campaign that is limited by budget will only result in higher

costs per conversion and less conversions.