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John manages six accounts, and he wants his partner Melony to help him manage three of those six. To accomplish this he would:

Melony creates her own MCC. John links that new MCC to his own. John uses the "change client manager" button to move the three accounts Melony will be managing to this new sub-MCC


When calculating the actual cost-per-click of an ad, which of the following is used by the AdWords system?

The ad rank of the ad showing directly below


Is it a valid reason when an ISP may assign an IP address to multiple users



Which of the following is not a valid reason why there may be multiple clicks from one source?

Inexperienced users may sometimes double click on your ad


A developer is unable to access details through the AdWords interface. The most likely reason is:

they have 'API only' access to the account

"API only" access is designed for third-party developers and bid managers who access their clients' accounts only through the API; they will not be able to access accounts through the user interface.


Advanced bid changes

If you need to edit multiple bids quickly, the advanced bid changes tool is an easy way to make the following changes:

1. Increase or decrease bids by a percentage.
2. Raise bids for keywords to their first page bid estimates or top of page bid estimates.
3. Remove individual bids and use the ad group default bid instead.
4. Limit any of these changes so that the new bids don't fall below or above certain amounts.


Which of the following in AdWords Editor does 'advanced bid changes' not allow you to do?

Alter bids across multiple accounts


An advertiser reviews his keywords from the status column of the keywords tab and notices that one of them is listed as “below first page bid estimate”. Which of the following is the best action for the advertiser to take?

Edit the keyword to improve it’s Quality Score or raise the bid amount


Navigating AdWords Editor

Tree view: The tree view displays the account name, followed by the campaign names and the

the ad groups within them. Click the plus and minus signs to expand and collapse the tree view and see the campaigns and ad groups in the account.


Tool bars: The tool bar contains buttons for account-level actions, such as Post

such as Post Changes and View Statistics. In addition, each tab has a tool bar with buttons for functions within the tab. For example, the Keywords tab has buttons for adding and deleting keywords, making multiple changes, and reverting changes. The adding and editing options are also available in the Data menu.


Which of these options is a factor that is taken into consideration by the AdWords system when calculating the actual CPC of a given ad?

The Ad rank of the ad that is showing one position lower on the page


One factor involved in calculating an ads actual CPC is:

ad rank of the ad showing one position lower on the page


A conversion (1-per-click) takes place when:

a single conversion takes place on a web site within 30 days of a user clicking on an AdWords ad


An advertiser has created a campaign that specifically targets mobile devices and he has implemented call extensions. He wants to ensure that users who see his ad can click the call link to phone him and not click to go to his site. The advertiser needs to choose

The advertiser needs to choose “allow only clicks-to-call” within his settings


A Health Spa owner wants to evaluate lifetime customer value as an initial measurement of performance for his AdWords campaign. The advertiser charges $100 per month for the ‘Essential’ spa package, and $150 per month for the ‘Deluxe’. Which of these best surmises the average lifetime customer value for both of these Spa packages?

(($100 * % Essential Customers) * (average lifetime of basic customers in months)) + (($150 * % Deluxe Customers) * (average lifetime of deluxe customers in months))


Karen has created a new advertising campaign for her restaurant and wants the restaurant address to appear with her ad. Where is Karen’s ad’s eligible to show?

On the chosen networks in the campaign settings


When enabling location extensions, if you are not a business owner, you will have to:

manually enter your address


"If you aren't a business owner (and so aren't eligible for a Places account), you can use AdWords

Editor or the AdWords API to enter your location extensions. You can also manually enter up to 100,000 business locations for your location extensions instead...whew! Just make sure you have permission from the business owner to use their business locations."


When one of your ads with location extensions is shown on Google maps, you are charged for:

the clicks on the info window through to your web site


The Quality Score of your keywords:

can fluctuate often


Quality score "usually goes down over time" can quite often be the case if you don't get good

CTRs. It is a dynamic thing which fluctuates all the time.


An advantage of using AdWords Editor is:

you can export a copy of the account and share archives and proposals with multiple users


Which of the following is not true about the ad group level in AdWords?

Bidding options can be set


Which of these options is an advantage of linking a Google Places account to an AdWords campaign?

Verifying listing details such as an address will allow an automatic update of address information used with ads