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If you enable location extensions on a standard text ad and provide one or more addresses, your ad will be shown with the relevant address when

the user is near the address or has shown interest in the location area by their choice of search terms


Ads with location extensions can appear on the Google Search and Display Networks and Google Maps. They may also appear on

Search network partner sites and google maps for mobile


By using the same destination URLs as domain name will increase Quality Score

No, it does not matter


Clicks on ads with location extensions will be charged the same cost-per-click (CPC) each time a customer clicks on

any link in your ad.


Can you have exclamation mark on ad's title



Which of these statements best defines Dynamic Search Ads?

a format that uses the content of your website to match your ads with a user search query


Your dynamic search ads won't show when a customer's search term

exactly matches one of your keywords


Dynamic Search ad will show your keyword-targeted ad when a customer's search term is a

broad match or phrase match to one of your keywords and when your dynamic search ad has a higher Quality Score.


Will you Dynamic Search ad show with exact match



Which of the following is correct when using Dynamic Search Ads?

They are best suited to a

web-based business where products and services are subject to frequent change


Can you use Call Extensions to be target to desktop and laptop computers?



Can you use Call Extensions to be targed to be used in conjunction with another extension type

No you cannot, the Call Extension can only work with the Location.


Can you use the Location extension with Call Extension

Yes, you can use the Call Extension only with the Location Extension


Can the Rating extension show on the display network

No, it cannot


An advertiser wants to implement seller rating extensions on his campaigns. He needs to meet with which of the following criteria before these ratings will show?

The advertiser must sell products and services, have at least a 3.5 star rating on Google Shopping, and have received a minimum of 30 reviews within a twelve-month period


A factor that should be considered when using site-links is

they can appear in different formats and are not always guaranteed to show

Keep in mind that your ads won't always show sitelinks. Also, when your ads show sitelinks, the format that appears could vary.For instance, anywhere from two to six sitelinks may appear on desktop ads.


Which of these options is NOT required by the AdWords system when deciding how and where to show Product listing Ads?

1. Manual CPC Bidding
2. Search Network
3. Ad Scheduling
4. Keywords


Product listings use feeds not keywords. Therefore, keywords have nothing to do with product listing ads.

However, you could add negative keywords only on product listings