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AdWords offers two tools to help you better control where your ads appear across the Google Search and Display Networks. These tools are

The Site and Category Exclusion Tool
The IP Address Exclusion Tool

Important points to note when using IP Address Exclusion are

you can exclude up to 500 IP addresses, or ranges of addresses, per campaign


If a daily budget has not been entered in AdWords Editor what will happen

A red error circle will apear at the affected row until a valid budget is entered.

Red circle: error that will prevent posting (such as a potential advertising policy violation or a structural issue, such as a daily budget of zero for a campaign)


Keyword Grouper: The Keyword Grouper breaks up your

your keyword list into groups of related terms and allows you to create new ad groups with the related keywords. Your keywords will be copied automatically into the new ad groups and deleted from their original locations.


Keyword Opportunities: This tool includes several features for finding new

new keywords for your account and adding the new keywords directly to new or existing ad groups. The Keyword Opportunities features include:


The Keyword Opportunities features include:

Keyword expansion:
Search-based keywords:
Keyword multiplier:


Symbols and colors

Here are some symbols, colors, and other visuals you'll see in AdWords Editor:

Plus (+): added item
Delta (∆): edited item
Minus (-): deleted item
Red circle: error that will prevent posting (such as a potential advertising policy violation or a structural issue, such as a daily budget of zero for a campaign)
Yellow circle: warning
Green circle: item that has passed AdWords Editor checks but hasn't been posted
Pushpin icon: item with a comment (to see all items with comments, go to the View menu > Items with comments)
Bold: unposted change
Gray: paused or deleted campaign or ad group
Strikethrough: deleted item


In order to download and see performance statistics such as clickthrough rate, position and conversion information in AdWords Editor you need to

select a date range using the view statistics button within the tool bar


AdWords Editor allows all members of a team to add comments to which of the following items?

Any item


Adwords editor allows entire accounts to be backed up and stored locally. The backup is stored as a _____.

.aea file


AdWords Editor Advanced search allows to search by

Match type
Performance Statistics


The Advanced Search option in AdWords Editor can be used to

find occurrences of keywords with poor performance


Is multi-point location a feature in location targetingn



An advertisers ad is 'disapproved' after review as it does not meet AdWords policy guidelines. It details a service that is forbidden by AdWords policy. What will he need to do to get it approved

He must review and make the necessary changes. After saving the ad it will automatically be sent for review again


Conversion Optimizer optimizes your placement in each ad auction to avoid _____ clicks and gets you as many profitable clicks as possible.



Which of the following is the only type of bid adjustment that can be used with Conversion Optimizer?

100% decrease for mobiles


If you are receiving fewer conversions since turning on Conversion Optimizer, you should consider whether your

Max CPA bid is too low


What will the graph option do on My Change History Page

It will result showing the Chart View


Can you change automatic to manual bidding with the AdWords Editor

No you cannot


Is it possible to enable Conversion Optimizer with AdWords Editor

No you cannot


Can you change your account billing preference with AdWords Editor



What are the formats for importing to AdWords Editor

AEA - AdWords Editor Archive
AES - AdWords Editor Share


How can advertisers using Conversion Optimizer check to see if performance has improved since enabling it

Use account statistics to observe CPA and conversion rate before and after the tool was enabled

Compare your CPA and conversion rate before and after using Conversion Optimizer to gauge its impact on your campaign


True or False

When using Conversion Optimizer, you will need to manually adjust your bids to reach your CPA goals

Using historical information about your campaign, Conversion Optimizer automatically finds the optimal equivalent CPC bid for your ad each time it's eligible to appear. You still pay per click, but you no longer need to adjust your bids manually to reach your conversion goals


Will the My Change History show changes for keywords

Yes, It will show changes of keywords.


Will the My Change History show changes for Automatic bidding CPC adjustments, passwords, or disapproval's

No, it will not


You wish to review the recent changes made by other users on an AdWords account. How long will it take before changes will reflect within the My Change History Tool

Any relevant changes made in the account may take a few minutes to update


It is possible for your actual CPA to be higher than your stated maximum CPA:

if you have made recent changes to your website, as Conversion Optimizer makes conversion predictions based on your historical conversion data


An important statement to consider when setting a maximum automatic CPC bid limit is

when you set a bid limit you could be limiting the amount of clicks you receive