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Identifying and correcting _____ areas in your account can help identify possible areas of invalid click activity.

Low Conversion


A developer or authentication token is used to track?

API activity


The reason why an advertiser has noticed a decrease in traffic since they started using conversion optimizer is probably because

CPA Bids were set below recommended amount


An advertiser wants to increase the position of an ad (without increasing bids ) should?

add negative keywords


Maximum CPA is the most you are

PREPARED to to pay for a conversion


The Traffic Estimator Tool provides:

traffic and cost estimates for new keywords before you add them to your campaign


Advertisers who use Conversion Tracking have access to ‘Search Funnels’. What do ‘Search Funnels’ reveal?

Detailed information about clicks and ads, the various steps that users take on your site before conversion takes place


With mobile ads, which of the following is a best practice?

Use broad match and general keywords


Sam wants to know how many times users are seeing his ads within a given time period. He decides to run a Reach and Frequency Report to determine this information. What does “Reach” and “Frequency” mean?

Reach is the number of unique users who see the ad for a specific time period, Frequency is the number of times that they have seen the ad over that time period


The Quality Score of your keywords:

can fluctuate often


An advertiser interested in impression share metrics can view this information on the ___ , the ___ and within time reports on the ___.

Campaigns tab, Ad Groups tab, Dimensions tab