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Alworth et al. Laboratory Reptile Surgery.1. What is the normal recommendation for length of time for suture removal in reptiles?

6 or more weeks


2. What are the considerations for surgical considerations in reptiles?

Ventilation: head and neck position important.
Prevent pressure necrosis: avoid excessive compression of head, limbs, and coelom.
Hypoventilation of lungs.
Visceral rupture.
Hyperextension or flexion of joints.


Jasmin et al. Perioperative Ruminal pH Changes in Domestic Sheep (Ovis aries)1. Acute rumen acidosis generally occurs when the rumen pH falls below:
a. 6.5
b. 6.0
c. 5.5
d. 5.0

d. 5.0


2. Mastication is important in ruminants because:
a. It helps stimulate rumen motility
b. It helps produce saliva which helps to buffer ruminal contents
c. Both are equally important per the article

b. It helps produce saliva, buffering rumen contents.


3. A stable (e.g. “healthy”) rumen contains predominantly
a. Gram positive organisms
b. Gram negative organisms
c. Even distribution of each

b. Gram neg organisms


4. The correct genus/species of sheep is Aries ovis. T or F



5. Due to the species specificity of ruminal contents, it is often not recommended to use bovine ruminal contents for transfaunation of other ruminant species. T or F



Kaneko and Ohno. Improvement in the Development of Oocytes from C57BL/6 Survival of B6 oocytes after ICSI was lower than that of B6D2F1 oocytes.1. What does ICSI stand for?

Intracytoplasmic sperm injection


2. What is the standard protocol for superovulating mice?

Injection of 7.5 IU PMSG followed by 7.5 IU hcg 48 hours later


3. Survival rate of oocytes following injection is higher in which mice: C57 or B6D2F1?



Gordon and Wyatt. The Water Delivery System Affects the Rate of Weight Gain in C57BL/6JT or F. Mice experiencing only automated water delivery tend to be as healthy as those receiving water bottles only or a combination of water bottles and automated water delivery



Automated watering for mice is not universally accepted. Why?

Because of concerns that leaking valves might flood cages.


Researchers and animal care providers express concern that solely using automated watering systems with mice may lead to higher mortality and morbidity of weaned mice that that of associated with using a water bottle system. Why?

Because researchers blame the higher mortality and morbidity to learning curve problems or young rodents having insufficient strength to trigger the automated watering system. Moreover, researchers have concerns for automated watering system because a leaky valve could easily fill a cage if not noticed in time.


Swennes et al. Human Handling Promotes Compliant Behavior in Adult Laboratory Rabbits.The skeleton of a rabbit comprises approximately __% of its total body weight. This predisposes rabbits to a fracture of the _______ _______ during restraint (if performed improperly

7%; lumbar spine


Vitamin D toxicity is characterized by:

Calcification of soft tissues


Rabbits are frequently used to produce
a. Polyclonal antibodies
b. Monoclonal antibodies

a. polyclonal antibodies


Delpire et al. Housing and Husbandry of Xenopus laevis Affects.1. Xenopus oocytes are a widely used as a heterologous protein expression system? T/F



What is meant by heterologous protein expression?

2. This refers to the production of proteins of one species using the protein production machinery of another species. For example, the mRNA of a species other than Xenopus can be injected into the cytoplasm of a Xenopus oocyte where it is translated to yield the protein(s) of interest. This process could also begin with the introduction of cDNA into the nucleus.


3. Other than the Xenopus oocyte, what is another commonly used heterologous expression system

The use of bacteria to produce human insulin


Lindstrom et al. Soiled Bedding Sentinels for the Detection of Fur Mites in Mice.What is the length of the life cycle for Myocoptes

14 days


What is the length of the life cycle for Myobia?

23 days


What are the preferences for site on the body for each of these two mites?

Myobia: head & neck
Myocoptes: back, ventral abdomen, inguinal


T or F. Myobia feeds on superficial skin tissues and secretions of mice



T or F. Dirty bedding transfer is the best way to detect fur mites, Sendai virus, Pasteurella pneumotropica, LCMV, and CAR bacillus

No. All of these are poorly transmitted by dirty bedding.


Transmission of fur mites occurs by _________.

mouse to mouse contact.


Choquet et al. Carbon Tube Electrodes for Electrocardiography-Gated Cardiac Multimodality Imaging in Mice.What are some constraints of current methods used in obtaining ECG signals in mice?
a. Time-consuming and expensive
b. Can cause discomfort and pain, and expensive
c. Time-consuming and can cause discomfort and pain
d. Expense and not reliable

c. time consuming, and can cause discomfort/pain.


T/F: 2-lead bipolar surface ECG provides maximum signal.



T/F: Mean heart rate using the proposed carbon tube method differs significantly between anesthetized and anaesthetized mice.



Moroni et al. Vascular Access Port Implantation and Serial Blood Sampling in a Gottingen Minipig .What factors affect the successful usage of VAP?
a. Shape (appropriate choice of port-dome height)
b. Material
c. Surgical technique
d. Postoperative maintenance
e. All of the above

E. All of the above


What are the main factors of death in irradiated animals?
a. Infection
b. Hemorrhage
c. Capillary fragility
d. Organ dysfunction
e. A and B
f. A, B, and C
g. All of the above

F. Infection, Hemorrhage, & Capillary fragility