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Handling of rats improves has been found to diminish anxiety when implemented: a. During Neonatal Periods b. During Adolescence c. During Adulthood d. All of the above

d. All of the above


Elevated Plus Maze can be used in rats for the study alternations of: a. Anxiety b. Food motivation c. Learning d. Memory e. All of the above f. A, C and D

f. A, C and D


Anxiolytic effect in adolescent rats can be produced with: a. 5-minutes of handling per day, 5 days per week b. 20-minutes of handling per day, 5 days per week c. One hour of handling per day, 5 days per week d. 20 minutes of handling per day, once per week

a. 5-minutes of handling per day, 5 days per week


Name the protein product of the mouse Mup17 gene that accounts for much of the allergenic properties of mouse urine.

Mus m 1, Ag1, or MA1 – all names for the same gene product


Exposure and sensitization to rodent Mup proteins is a leading cause of what occupational disease of laboratory animal care workers and scientists?

Laboratory Animal Allergy (LAA)


Workers involved in which of the following activities experience the greatest exposure to rodent allergens? Select all that apply. a. Daily health checks without opening cages b. Dry cage cleaning c. Washing cages d. Transferring animals between cages during cage change outs

b & d – tasks associated with the highest rate of exposure were cleaning cages and handling of animals; washing cages, which is presumably a wet process that entails dust suppression, was associated with much lower exposures than cleaning


In the United States, what regulation requires that places of employment be free from recognizable hazards?

Occupational Health and Safety Act


The IGRA: a. Detects antibodies to Mycobacterium tuberculosis b. Tests for response of leukocytes to M. tuberculosis c. Requires two visits to OHS d. Can be performed on serum

b. Tests for response of leukocytes to M. tuberculosis


There are major deficiencies in OHS programs in laboratory animal facilities in the USA. T/F



According to this survey, the most commonly administered vaccine as part of an OHS program is: a. Rabies b. Influenza c. Tetanus d. Hepatitis B e. Measles

c. Tetanus


How many days does it take Myobia musculi to complete a life cycle of fur-bound egg to motile nymph to reproductively mature adult in mice? a. 8 b. 16 c. 23 d. 32

c. 23


Identify the mites shown in the picture.  How long is its life cycle?

Myocoptes musculinus – 8-14 days


Lidocaine acts on sodium channels to what effect in STZ-treated rats?
a.  Specific blockade of sodium channels in renal excretion
b.  Non-specific blockade of sodium channels in pain pathways
c.  Reversal of effects of STZ on pancreatic islet beta cells
d.  Non-specific blockade of renal excretion of sodium ion

b.  Non-specific blockade of sodium channels in pain pathways


A recent study demonstrates the effect of A803467 on specific sodium channel blockage for allodynia and hyperalgesia in what common model of induced disease?
a.  Nerve sheath tumors
b.  Spinal cord injury
c.  Type I diabetes
d.  Envenomation

c.  Type I diabetes


List predisposing factors for the development of murine ulcerative dermatitis.

MUD is associated with environmental factors, diet, season, age at weaning, alopecia, sex, immune complex vasculitis, follicular dysplasia, lesion location, and deficiencies in vitamin A metabolism


T/F. Alopecia has predictive values for monitoring the progression of UD



T/F. Pruritis commonly precedes the onset of dermatitis.



What region of the mouse is most commonly affected in MUD?

Dorsal cervical area & dorsal trunk & ears


T/F. The substrain of the C57BL/6 may affect the clinical presentation of UD



T/F: Addition of a single shelter or igloo-running wheel may actually increase aggressive behavior in mice.

True – A single shelter or igloo-running wheel has been reported to increase aggressive behavior in mice, whereas multiple structures can act as visual barriers for subordinate escape and prevent dominant mice from controlling a single shared resource. 


Which factor is not considered a major contribution to aggressive behavior in male mice?
a.  Interaction with unfamiliar male mice
b.  Lack of appropriate enrichment
c.   Nesting material
d.  Stocking density
e.  Influence of sex hormones

 c. – Nesting material is not a known contributing factor to aggressive behavior in male mice


Name some negative effects that may be observed in mice with intraperitoneal telemetry devices.

Reduced body weights, decreased activity, transient suppression of grooming behaviors, decreased food and water intake post-operatively


T/F: Mice with intraperitoneal telemetry devices commonly show histopathologic evidence of peritonitis, such as reactive mesothelium and fibrosis and inflammation of the diaphragm



What is the mechanism of action of Ibuprofen.

Nonselectively inhibits cyclooxygenases 1 and 2, reduces the release of prostaglandins in the cyclooxygenase pathway, thereby decreasing the release of inflammatory factors.


True/False: To achieve the beneficial effects of ibuprofen and other NSAIDs without gastrointestinal ulceration and bleeding, selective COX-2 inhibitors were developed to inhibit the COX-2 isoform without inhibition of COX-1



Besides genetic predisposition, which other factors are associated with the development of ulcerative dermatitis?

Age, diet, immune complex vasculitis, barbering, environmental changes including relative humidity, temperature and season, diets with 11% fat, elevated vitamin A levels, and ectoparasites.


List some concerns regarding delivering analgesics and anti-inflammatory components via pediatric solutions to rodents using water bottles.

Sugar-based flavored components may require frequent shaking to keep the medication in suspension & more frequent water-bottle changes are necessary since bacteria may grow more rapidly.


Which other, non-drug related, treatments may be used for additional prevention of severe MUD?

Trimming front and back nails of mice on a regular basis or in mice diagnosed with MUD


List bacteria commonly associated with MUD

Staph aureus & staph xylosus; staph epidermidis is not considered pathogenic in mice


List properties of staph that adds to their virulence.

Production of an array of biologically active proteins, including hemolysins, nucleases, proteases, lipases, hyaluronidase, and collagenase; they also produce exotoxins including exfoliative toxins, leukocidin, and several superantigens such as enterotoxin A, enterotoxin B, enterotoxin C, and toxic shock syndrome toxin-1. (from P&B)