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endonuclease that degrades host mRNA to prevent attenuating response by host

viral vhs


Latent vs persistent infection with HIV is dependent on

quiescence of Tcell (active Tcells are more likely to be persistently infected, memory likely to be latent)


life cycle hepatitis C virus

chronic persistent lytic replication (lasts for months to years)


viral DNA synthesis triggers the expression of ___, which code ____

gamma viral genes which code for strucutral components of virion


disadvantages latent infection

spread to naive host is limited as there is no production of infectious virions AND death of infected cell is end for the virus as genome is non infectious


chronic persistent infection causes constant stimulation which leads to

T cell exhaustion - T cells upregulate inhbitory receptors that attenuate signaling downstream of TCR


HIV infection lifestyle

combination latent persistent


latent viral DNA maintained by the host as ___

episome (extra chromosome) (allows viral genome to survive cell division)


low immune stimulation by latent infection increases ____ and decreases ____

low immune stimulation by latent infection increases systemic cytokine levels and decreases activation threshold of immune system


persistent infection 2 contributions to disease

1) low level of cell death driven by infection and replication AND 2) most tissue damage from immune response


advantages latent viral infection

infected cells invisible to host response, difficult to design therapeutics to target latent-infected cells


two distinct life cycles of latent viral infection

latent infection AND lytic replication