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absence of viral replication, rarely granted by passive transfer of antibodies

sterile protection


the first goal of vaccines  is to generate neutralizing antibodies, which can (4)

bind to free virus to direct neutralization


direct complement mediated virolysis


complement-mediated phagocytosis and inactivation


why don't viruses evolve surface structures to fail to elicit neutralizing antibodies

viruses with strong neutralizing response must have been under evolutionary pressure to


be transmitted quickly between hosts before antibodies can coat progeny virus

and they must not rely on reinfection of same individuals

or they may code response elciting regions in loop regions that can sustain extensive variation


advantages inactivated virus vaccine


no genetic mutation

safe for immuno compromised


gene innoculation can be improved by inclugind

genes encoding cytokines and costimulatory molecules


inactivated virus vaccines elcit ____ but not ____

circulating antibodies buy not mucosal immunity


disadvantages inactivated virus vaccine

fails to ellicit gut immnity

requires parental admin


requires boosters

must ensure antigenic potency and inactivation


advantages live attenuated vaccine

inexpensive and easy admin

induces systemic and secretory immunity

induces herd immunity

longer lasting more complete response

mucosal immunity

full range of gene products expressed


DNA inoculation

DNA taken up into cells 

proteins expressed

provide secreted antigens

humoral and cellular immunity develops without inherent risk in adding any virus/pathogen


disadvantages live attenuated virus vaccine

can mutate to more virulent strain

less reliable in tropical climates (storage)

residual pathogenecity

can spread from vacinees

interference from related viruses

immune evasion strategies may still be present/develop