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What position should the client be in during NG tube placement?

High Fowler's with head tilted forward


The NG tube goes from ___ to ___

Nose to Stomach


What is a Salem sump?

Double lumen of NG tube used to decompress the stomach


What is the measuring points for determining length of insertion?

Nose to earlobe to xiphoid process


If the client starts to gag during placement should you continue the procedure?

Yes, wait until patient stops gagging/coughing, then continue to advance; offer water to help the tube go down.


What should be done before using the NG tube for the first time?

X-ray, aspirate for gastric content (pH should be > 4)


If the NG tube is to suction, should you turn off the suction when medications are given PO?

Yes, for at least 30 minutes


If a patient vomits during the procedures should you keep going with the NG tube?

Yes, wait for a few minutes, then proceed. Let the patient know that they will feel better once the NG is in place.

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