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What to know about Adventist?

Saturday worship, no ETOH, no pork, sometimes no meat, baptism as adult


What to know about Muslims?

No pork, do not do an autopsy


What to know about Orhodox Jews?

Religious leader called rabbi, not priest. ONLY OTHER ORTHODOX JEWS CAN TOUCH THE DEAD


What to know about Roman Catholics?

Religious leader is called priest.
Infant baptism, call before death for last sacrament


How would you do post-mortem care?

Do not give body a full bath (clean visible soil).
Raise head of bed to 30 degrees and place palms down to prevent discoloration
Put in dentures if any
Properly identify the body
Maintain vital organs/skin integrity
Remove IV/tubes; replace with Band-Aids unless religious preference is to keep them in


Put Protective gear on in this order

1. Wash hands
2. Gown
3. Mask
4 Goggles (if needed)
5. Gloves


Take protective gear off in this order

1. Gloves
2.Googles ( if needed)
5.Wash Hands


Tips for putting on PPE

Pretend you're standing with your hands above your head and dress from the bottom up.
When you are taking PPE off, take it off alphabetically

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