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Inside of the cheek or (for teeth) the surface near the buccal mucosal.



References the tongue.

For teeth, the surface near the tongue.


Lip Repairs

If muscular involvement, you will need to do repair. There is a thin pink/orange line above the lip known as the vermillion border.


Tongue Repairs

Depending on the deviation of the injury. You are never going to try to do a repair of a tongue, unless it is deviated. If it is a big cut, get somebody involved who knows what they are doing.


Palate Repair

Very dangerous and is potentially life-threatening. You need to be worried that it may have penetrated and introduced material into the brain, particularly in kids where the palate is very thin.

This needs a consult and a CT scan.


Teeth Quadrants

1         2

4         3


Teeth Numbering

Goes from 1-8 in quadrants 1-4, with 1 being the incisor, and 8 being the third molar.


Teeth Quadrants - Children

Only have 20 teeth


5      6

7      8


Dental Injuries

Subluxed = wiggly

Luxated = angled off


When dealing with a lost tooth, rinse it with milk and put it back in. The longer it is out, the faster it dies. If you stick it back in immediately, there is a 90% chance it will be good.


Lingual / Sublingual Abscess


Remove piercings and drain. Tell them it will hurt like hell but they need to stay still.


Peritonsillar Abscess

One side is indented.

Ball of pus next to the tonsils. You must drain this. Be careful of the carotid.

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