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Juvenile Investigations


The Chattanooga Police Department is committed to the juvenile programs developed and implemented by who?

HC Juvenile courts


The programs developed by the HC Juvenile court are designed to prevent and control what?

juvenile delinquency


What is a juvenile?

any person under eighteen (18) years of age, with no exception made by emancipated marriage or otherwise.


What is a Delinquent act?

an act designated a crime under the law, including local ordinances, and the crime does not fall under the classification of unruly and the crime is not a traffic offense other than failing to stop for an accident, driving while under the influence of an intoxicant or drug, or vehicular homicide.


What is an Unruly juvenile

1. a juvenile who is subject to compulsory school attendance
2. is habitually truant from school
3. habitually disobedient of the reasonable and lawful commands of his parent or guardian and is ungovernable
4. has committed an offense applicable only to a juvenile
5. is absent from home or residence without consent of his parents or guardian (runaway).


What is a Status offense

1. an unruly juvenile who has committed an offense, which would not be an offense for an adult.
2. an offense which is peculiar to his or her status as a juvenile


Who has the responsibility of handling of Juveniles over the age of 12?

Juvenile/Missing Persons Unit


The Juvenile/Missing Persons Unit is a component of Investigations II and operates under what command?

Family Justice Center Command


Juvenile/Missing persons shall be responsible for the investigation of the following:

1. All missing person and runaway juveniles
2. Sex Offenses of child victim 13 to 17 with a juvenile offender
3. Agg Assaults where the juvenile is admitted to hospital
4. Teacher-principle assaults on student at school
5. Assisting other units
6. Investigation of offenses on school property to include bus stops


Who shall investigate sex offenses where Child victim is 12 and under?

Child Abuse


Who shall investigate sex offenses where Child victim is 13 to 17 years old with a juvenile offender?

Juvenile/Missing persons


Who shall investigate sex offenses where Child victim is 13 to 17 with and adult offender?

Homicide Unit


Who shall investigate sex offenses where Child victim is under 17 and is assaulted by the caretaker?

Child Abuse


What TCA code governs the registering of juvenile missing children with the TBI?



Status offenses include:

a. Unruly;
b. Possession of Tobacco;
c. Runaway (no attachment filed).


An __ should always be obtained whenever any problem is anticipated in taking a juvenile into custody, unless there are circumstances requiring an immediate apprehension.



For each incident/offense the following paperwork is required:

a. An incident report (if applicable)
b. A Petition/Affidavit (One Per Charge)
c. An arrest report
d. A prosecution report


__ and/or __ prisoners are not allowed in the center

Ride-alongs and/or Adults


What is a petition?

A petition is a court order for the juvenile to appear at court or hearing.


What is an attachment?

An attachment is sought when it is important to bring the juvenile to the center


__ are only for misdemeanor alcohol and drug offenses and shall not be used for DUI or felony drug charges.