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Missing Person & Abducted Children


CPD holds that any child missing is considered?

"at risk"


A missing adult is?

1. Anyone 21 YOA or older and
2. whose absence is contrary to his or her normal patterns.


A missing child?

1. Anyone who is younger than 21 YOA and
2. whose whereabouts are unknown to a parent, guardian, or responsible party.


The term “unusual circumstances” refers to:

1. A missing child thirteen (13) years of age or younger,
2. A child or an adult believed to be out of the zone of safety for his or her age and physical and mental condition,
3. mentally diminished,
4. Drug dependent,
5. A potential victim of foul play or sexual exploitation,
6. In a life threatening situation,
7. Absent from home for more than twenty-four (24) hours before being reported to the police as missing,
8. Believed to be with persons who could endanger his or her welfare,
9. A child or adult whose disappearance involves circumstances that would cause a reasonable person to conclude that the missing person should be considered at risk.


Who shall be alerted in a case of “unusual circumstances”?

A Supervisor and investigator.


Who is responsible for Determining if circumstances of a missing person?

Communications personnel receiving the report.


When should a officer be dispatched to a missing person?



What is the supervisor responsibility on the scene of a missing child or adult?

to determine the scope and complexity of the case and thus develop an appropriate response