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What is Ops 2

Pursuit Driving


Will be governed by TCA?



What is an Authorized emergency Vehicle?

A vehicle equipped with emergency equipment as required by law


What is a Field Supervisor?

Supervisor in command of pursuit-usually the immediate supervisor of the officer initiating pursuit


Define motor vehicle pursuit

An active attempt by LE officer in an authorized emergency police vehicle to apprehend a known or suspected violator of the law who is knowingly and actively attempting to elude the police


Define primary unit

marked unit which initiates or any marked unit which assumes control


Define Secondary Unit

back up to the primary unit


Define Reasonable suspicion

belief based upon specific and articulable facts which, taken together with reasonable inferences from those facts, reasonably lead an officer to believe that a person has committed, is committing, or is about to commit a crime


Officer shall only initiate or continue pursuit when there is what?

Reasonable suspicion prior to the beginning of the pursuit that the suspect has committed or is committing violent and or forcible felony


What are the types of violent/forcible felonies?

1. Murder
2. manslaughter
3. aggravated assault
4. armed robbery
5. rape
6. aggravated kidnapping
7. child sexual assaults
8. aggravated arson


Officers shall not initiate or become involved in a pursuit for what offenses?

1. traffic offenses
2. Misdemeanors
3. non-forcible felonies
4. when suspect flees for an unknown reason


Only the ? and ? shall proceed outside the Chattanooga city limits unless otherwise specifically ordered by the Supervisor

Primary and Secondary units


Only vehicles equipped with ? and ? and motorcycle units shall participate in pursuit

lights and sirens


Units transporting ?, ?, ?, ? or other ? shall not engage in pursuits

1. prisoners
2. Witnesses
3. suspects
4. complainants
5. non-police personnel


A pursuit initiated by a motorcycle unit or unmarked unit shall be assigned to the first arriving marked unit



Officers shall ? continue a pursuit if the primary unit or any supervisor orders pursuit be discontinued



When pursuit is discontinued or terminated, the pursuing officers shall....

turn off all emergency equipment
make the next available left or right turn


Officers shall NOT engage in the following conduct except in cases where the use of deadly force is authorized by dept regulations

1. Drive along side of or in front of fleeing vehicle in an attempt to force the vehicle from the road or
2. Bump or ram fleeing vehicle in an attempt to force it from the roadway


Officers shall NOT pursue a fleeing vehicle by driving the___ on a freeway, divided highway or interstate

wrong way


No officer may intentionally place himself/herself or their vehicle in the path of a moving vehicle in an effort to stop such vehicle



Officers initiating pursuit shall _____ activate the ____
___ ____

primary emergency equipment


If the involved officer cannot maintain ____ ____ contact with communication and the supervisor, pursuit driving shall immediately be _____

continuous radio


The active pursuit shall be limited to ____ police units with emergency lights and sirens



____ units may be ordered to actively engage in the pursuit by the ____ ____ should circumstances warrant

other nearby police units
field supervisor


Information transmitted to the dispatcher by officer initiating pursuit:

1. Unit #
2. Present location
3. where the pursuit began
4. dirction of travel
5. reason for the pursuit
6. description of fleeing vehicle
7. description and # of occupants in fleeing vehicle


The ____ unit, ___ unit, and ____ ____ shall be the only police vehicles involved in the pursuit unless the ___ ___ specifically approves additional marked units

Field Supervisor


The secondary unit shall be responsible for what?

1. Broadcasting the progress of the pursuit
2. controlling pursuit tactics
3. terminating the pursuit when conditions warrant
4. in the event the primary unit is unable to continue the pursuit, the secondary unit shall become the primary


A ___ ___ shall monitor the progress of the pursuit and determine whether the pursuit should be continued or terminated

Field Supervisor


The field supervisor shall:

1. be in command of the pursuit
2. monitor all radio communications
3. ensure only authorized marked units participate
4. order any necessary response within dept policy to conclude or terminate
5. Become involved if in close proximity
6. Notify dispatch that he/she is actively involved
7. May order additional marked units to join
8. At conclusion, go to scene and take command


The field supervisor may order additional marked units to actively join pursuit only under the following circumstances:

1. there is not sufficient # of officers in the primary and secondary units to safely arrest suspects
2. If the primary unit is unable to continue pursuit, and the dispatcher has been informed that the unit is terminating its involvement


The officer initiating the pursuit will complete what type of report?

Blue Team-Vehicle pursuit form


The commander of the ____ division shall conduct an administrative review of each pursuit

Training division


____ ___ techniques are some of the most dangerous practices engaged in by law enforcement

Forcible stopping


Spiked stopping devices

1. Shall be deployed only by a supervisor or traffic officer trained in the use of such device
2. shall be placed in such a manner as to not impede flow of lawful traffic or cause damage to any vehicle
3. Supervisor shall notify communications of the location of deployment


No stopping technique or device may be deployed or implemented by any personnel that have not been trained in using the technique or device



Whenever a spiked stopping device is deployed, it shall be reported on what form?

standard pursuit reporting form


Who shall review the standard pursuit reporting form?

chain of command and training commander


____ are not an authorized technique for stopping vehicles and shall not be employed to end a pursuit



The use of deadly force is governed by ?



Officers shall not discharge a ____ from a moving vehicle unless the use of ____ ____ is justified

deadly force


Officers not in a vehicle are prohibited from:

1. firing into or at a moving vehicle unless deadly threat
2. firing at for the purpose of disabling it unless deadly threat


Officers shall not become involved in another agency's pursuit unless:

1. Specifically authorized by field supervisor
2. unless it is clear that the other agency's unit is unable to request assistance
3. or the emergency nature of the situation dictates the need for assistance
4. all dept pursuit policies remain in effect


All pursuit reports shall be forwarded through the ___ of ___ to the officer's ____ ____

chain of command
division commander


Division commander shall review the report as well as:

1. all available evidence including video


Division commander shall further route the report to ___ if the documented action is consistent with policy?



If the pursuit report is not consistent with policy, the reviewing captain shall forward the report to the ___ of _____

Director of training


Once the report reaches the director of training, it shall be reviewed by an ____ of use of ___/ ___ ___ committee

executive of use of force/pursuit review committee


The Use of Force/Pursuit Review committee shall be comprised of:

1. Neighborhood policing sector captains,
2. the director of training
3. Professional Standards Division commander


This committee will make a determination of whether the documented action should be authorized and sent to ____ for archiving or sent to ___ ___ for investigation

Internal affairs


The ___ ___ commander shall conduct an annual review of all incidents involving vehicle pursuits

Training Unit Commander


The training Unit Commander Shall perform the following in regards to use of force/pursuit documents:

1. Conduct an annual review of all incidents involving vehicle pursuits
2. document annual review of pursuit policies and report procedures in an effort to reveal patterns or trends that indicate training needs and or policy modifications
3. analysis shall be submitted to the Chief of Police, Deputy Chief, and Assistant Chiefs by Jan 30th covering the previous calendar year


Report flow chart for pursuit forms

1. Officer Documentation in Blue Team
2. Sergeant Review
3. Lieutenant Review
4. Captain Review
a. Consistant with Police- goes to IAPro for Archiving
b. Inconsistent with Policy- goes to Committee Review
Committee Review if approves goes to IAPro for Archiving. If Committee Review does not approve then goes to IA for Investigation