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What is the purpose of Ops 7?

To guard against any abuse of interview process, while providing officers with a lawful method of obtaining information concerning suspicious persons


Ops 7 covers...

Field Interviews


What is a field interview?

is a communication between an officer and a citizen in which the citizen is free to leave at any time and in which the citizen is voluntarily talking to the officer.


When may a field interview be conducted?

at any time a citizen is willing to talk to an officer and the officer has a legal right to be present at the location of the interview.


What is the criteria for conducting a Field Interview?

1. Persons acting suspiciously in unusual locations like closed businesses.
2. Recent crimes have been reported in the area
3. A reasonable suspicion that criminal activity has taken place
4. The area in which the interview is being conducted is a high crime area.
5. The person being interviewed resembles the suspect description in a criminal incident
6. Persons whose presence is unusual given the location, time of day, or actions of the persons


What is a "Terry" investigatory stop?

A stop in which an officer may restrict the freedom of the citizen for a short time


When is a "Terry stop" constitutionally permissible?

when the officer has a reasonable suspicion , supported by specific and articulable facts, that a criminal offense has been or is about to be committed.


When is a "frisk" of a person permitted?

During a Terry stop and only if the officer has reasonable suspicion


The contact with the citizen must be classified as a ? is the officer doesn't have reasonable suspicion.

Field Interview


When is a "frisk" permissible during a field interview?

when the officer develops reasonable suspicion that would support a "Terry" investigatory stop and the officer also has a reasonable suspicion supported by specific and articulable facts that the suspect is armed or may otherwise be dangerous


A field interview may NOT be initiated by a ?

Traffic stop using blue lights and siren