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Search Warrants


Who must have a sound knowledge of the legal requirements associated with obtaining a search warrant

All Officers


What is the CPD policy on search warrants/

provide techniques to accomplish a thorough and legal search;
observe the constitutional rights of the person(s) the warrant is being served upon;
minimize the level of intrusion experienced by those who are having their premises searched;
provide for the highest degree of safety for all persons concerned; and
establish a record of the entire execution process.


What are the policy for Officers assigned to a joint task force?

shall follow any written policies of such federal agency governing the subject of this general order, provided that such written policies provide no less protection for the rights of citizens than the provisions of this general order.


What is Evidence Collector

Member of the search team responsible for the possession, packaging, sealing and marking of all items seized.


What is . High-risk entry

An entry into a search site in any of the following situations:
is likely that a person inside the search site is armed and is either likely to use the weapon or become violent;
is likely that there are innocent persons on the search site who might be taken as hostages; Search Personnel have justified belief that someone on the search site may be in peril of bodily harm upon entry of the search personnel to the search site; or person inside the search site has threatened an officer's safety, possesses a criminal record reflecting violent tendencies or has a verified reputation of violent nature


Per Ops 40 who is the supervising officer?

OPS-40, Page 2 of 7 F. Supervising Officer - Search team member of the rank of Sergeant or higher who is the supervisor of the officer(s) responsible for the investigation.