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what is Ops 8?

Personal searches


Whenever property is taken from an individual NOT under arrest, the officer receiving such property shall fill out a what?

property inventory receipt


The itemized inventory receipt shall be signed by who?

the officer and the citizen and the citizen shall be given a copy


The property inventory receipt shall be turned in to the Property Unit along with the property within ___ hour (s) of the end of the officer’s tour of duty.

1 hour


Pat-Down Search ?

A "frisk" or external feeling of the outer garments of an individual for weapons or contraband.


Full-Custody Search ?

Any search, incident to arrest, of a suspect during which the officer confiscates and inventories each item taken off the suspect.


Strip Search?

Any search of an individual requiring the removal or rearrangement of some or all clothing to permit the visual inspection of any or all skin surfaces including genital areas, breasts and buttocks


Body Cavity Search?

Any search involving not only visual inspection of skin surfaces but the internal physical examination of body cavities and, in some instances, organs such as the stomach cavity.


A. A law enforcement officer has the right to perform a pat-down search of the outer garments of a suspect for weapons if he/she has been legitimately stopped with ___ ___and only when the officer has an ___ ___fear for his own or another person's safety.

reasonable suspicion articulable and reasonable


criteria that may form the basis for establishing justification for performing a pat-down search:

1. The type of crime suspected
2. Where more than one suspect must be handled by a single officer;
3. The hour of the day and the location where the stop takes place;
4. Prior knowledge of the suspect's criminal activity, use of force, and/or propensity to carry deadly weapons;
5. The appearance and demeanor of the suspect; and/or
6. Visual indications that suggest that the suspect is carrying a firearm or other deadly weapon.


pat-down searches should be conducted by at least ___ officers



Except when exigent circumstances exist, a pat-down search should be performed with the suspect in a ___ position.



In a pat-down search, an officer is permitted only to ___ feel the outer clothing of the suspect



An officer may not place his or her hands in pockets during a pat-down search unless the officer feels an object that could ___ be a weapon



____ searches are required of all suspects arrested and transported to the Hamilton County Jail.



Individuals arrested for traffic violations and other minor offenses of a nonviolent nature shall not be subject to strip searches unless the arresting officer has an ___, ___ ___ to believe that the individual is concealing contraband or weapons.

articulable, reasonable suspicion


Reasonable suspicion for a strip search may be based upon what?

1. The nature of the offense charged;
2. The arrestee's appearance and demeanor;
3. The circumstances surrounding the arrest;
4. The arrestee's criminal record, particularly past crimes of violence and narcotics offenses;
5. The discovery of evidence of a felony in plain view or in the course of a search incident to arrest; and/or
6. Detection of suspicious objects beneath the suspect's clothing during a field search incident to arrest.


Field strip searches of prisoners shall be conducted only in the rarest of circumstances under ___ ___
and ___ approval.

exigent circumstances


When authorized by the supervising authority, a strip search may be conducted only in the following:

1. in a room or location suitable for this purpose;
2. by the fewest number of personnel, of the same sex, necessary; and
3. under conditions that provide privacy from all but those authorized to conduct the search.


Following a strip search, the officer performing the search shall submit an ___ report to the supervisor.



EOF Report details for a strip search shall include, at a minimum, the following:

1. Date and place of the search;
2. Identity of the officer conducting the search;
3. Identity of the individual searched;
4. Those present during the search;
5. A detailed description of the nature and extent of the search; and
6. Any weapons, evidence or contraband found during the search.


Must have __ __ for a body cavity search.

probable cause


A __ __ is required for a body cavity search.

search warrant


The search warrant for a body cavity search must be issued in accordance with what?

Rule 41 of the Tennessee Rules of Criminal Procedure


No officer may seek a warrant to conduct a body cavity search without having first obtained the authorization to seek such warrant from who?

a Captain, an Assistant Chief, the Deputy Chief, or the Chief of Police


Each supervisor in the chain of command must approve the request for a search warrant for body cavity search.



In accordance with TCA ___, a body cavity search must be performed by a licensed physician or a licensed nurse.



Body cavity searches shall be performed at a __ __

medical facility