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What is Ops 5?

to establish guidelines for handling Hostage and barricade incidents


What is a barricaded subject?

Any individual who is reasonably believed to be a threat to commit serious bodily injury or death to self, hostages, officers or others in the community and who is in a stronghold position.


What is a hostage?

Any person held by another against his will by force or threat of force, expressed or implied


In a hostage/barricaded subject incident, officers shall...

1. request the communications supervisor to notify a patrol supervisor of the incident and circumstance as soon as possible
2. contain and isolate the incident scene, establishing an inner containment perimeter and an outer perimeter
3. evacuate occupants of affected residences and business to a point beyond the perimeter unless doing so would expose them to unnecessary risks


In a hostage/barricaded subject incident, the supervisor shall...

1. Inform the communications supervisor about the nature and circumstances of incident.
2. designate and restrict a radio channel for use by on scene personnel
3. Request SWAT and HNT
4. Ensure establishment of an inner and outer perimeter, temporary command post and staging area
5. Assign an area for Media
6. Ensure that responsibility for traffic and crowd control is established and routes for emergency vehicles have been designated
7. Evacuate injured parties
8. Ensure that necessary equipment from fire and EMS is available at staging area
9. Organize intel for SWAT commander
10. Provide pursuit/surveillance vehicles should the situation become mobile prior to SWAT arrival