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What does Ops 4 cover?

SWAT, HNT, and Perimeter teams


For what situations may the SWAT team be utilized?

1. Hostage incidents
2. barricaded suspects
3. sniper incidents
4. high-risk warrants
5. high-risk situations as directed by the Chief of Police or designee
6. Dignitary protection details
7. Any incident to which the HNT responds


The perimeter team may be utilized at the discretion of the ___ ___

Swat commander


basic guidelines for determining if the SWAT team may be utilized are:

1. The suspect has committed a criminal act or is in a dangerous mental condition;
2. The suspect is believed to be armed;
3. The suspect has refused to submit to arrest; or
4. By the nature of the situation, an unacceptable risk is presented to officers or the public.


HNT team may be utilized in the following situations

1. Hostage incidents;
2. Barricaded suspect incidents;
3. Situations involving threatened suicide; and
4. High-risk situations as directed by the Chief of Police or his designee.


Procedures for SWAT/HNT call out

1. onduty patrol supervisor is notified.
2. Supervisor shall solicit input from any SWAT/HNT personnel on scene and if meets criteria, then Supervisor shall request SWAT and HNT and a page sent out.
3. Upon completion of the mission, the incident shall revert back to the major command that initiated the response


Who decides when the Swat/Hnt are called out when the circumstances do not clearly fall within the guidelines?

SWAT commander


Who can authorize to activate a limited number of team members?

SWAT commander


The patrol supervisor at the scene shall perform the following duties:

a. Establish an inner perimeter;
b. Establish a temporary command post;
c. Establish and secure a staging area for arriving SWAT/HNT members;
d. Develop appropriate intelligence information; and
e. Begin evacuation of injured parties.
f. shall brief the SWAT/HNT commanders
g. shall release control of scene to sWAT/HNT commanders


Regardless of rank, the ___ representative s on scene shall be in charge until the ? arrives.

Swat commander


At the discretion of the unit commander any member of the department may operate the SWAT vehicles in support of the SWAT or HNT units