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All Hazard Plan


What is a Critical Incident

An occurrence or event, natural or human-caused, which requires an emergency response to protect life or property.


What is a Civil Disturbances?

Include riots, disorders, and violence arising from dissonant gatherings and marches, rock concerts, sporting events, political conventions, and labor disputes.


What is an Act of Terrorism?

Include any criminal act, or threat thereof, intended to incite mass damage, panic or community unrest.


Who is responsible for managing critical incidents, disasters, civil disturbances and acts of terrorism for the CPD?

Special Operations Division or his designee


What does I.M.T. stand for?

Incident Management Team


What are levels of NIMS training for each CPD rank?

NIMS level IC-100, IC-200 and IC-700. Sergeants will be certified to the NIMS IC-300 level and Lieutenants and Captains to the IC-400 level. Captains and above will strive to reach the IC-800 and IC-900 level