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What is ops 18?

Notification procedures


Notifications shall, whenever possible, be made __

in person


If the notification is to be made to a location outside Hamilton County, ____ shall be contacted and asked to make the notification.

the law enforcement agency where the family members live


Requests for welfare inquiries shall be conducted in cases where the individual may be ___ ___ ___ and the requestor has been unable to contact the individual and has reason to believe the individual may need assistance.

elderly or physically or mentally impaired,


Notification requests shall be processed through the__ __ and documented by an assigned a __ __.

Communications Center
complaint number


The Medical Examiner shall be notified in?

all cases involving a death


In any situation affecting public safety, the officer on the scene may request the assistance of the ?

Police Information Officer on duty


Notification of public utilities, Street/high department, fire and ems should be done through the ?

Communications center