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What is ops 9?

Crime prevention


Crime Prevention?

the anticipation, recognition and appraisal of a crime risk and the initiation of some action to remove or reduce it


The department is committed to recognizing and appraising the needs of the community in removing and reducing the risk of crime through the implementation of crime prevention programs by targeting programs by

1. crime type
2. geographic area


documented evaluation of crime prevention programs are conducted at least once every __ years.



Crime Prevention Unit is a component of the __ __ Division shall be under the __ __Command.

Community Services
Uniform Services


The crime prevention supervisor is responsible for the following:

1. Coordination, planning, and administration of crime prevention programs;
2. Assignment of crime prevention personnel under his command; and
3. Shall act as a liaison between the department, agencies and groups


Liaison b/t which groups:

a. municipal agencies;
b. task forces;
c. commissions;
d. community groups; and
e. public and private service organizations


Who shall designate an officer as a crime prevention officer?

The Chief of Police, the Deputy Chief, and/or the Assistant Chief of the Uniform Services Command or designee shall designate an officer as a Crime Prevention Officer


The Crime Prevention Officers shall:

make public appearances, presentations and contracts concerning crime prevention issues based on the member’s initiative, the public, and as assigned


It is the responsibility of __ members of the department to work toward achieving the departments crime prevention goals and to provide assistance to citizens.



The Crime Prevention Officer(s) shall

actively seek to organize crime prevention groups in residential, business, and commercial areas


Based on the analysis of __ __ and upon the request of citizens, the Crime Prevention Officer(s) shall actively promote crime prevention programs throughout targeted areas

crime data


What kinds of programs can the crime prevention officer use to actively promote crime prevention?

1. Neighborhood Watch;
2. Property Identification;
3. Residential and commercial security surveys;
4. Bicycle theft prevention;
5. Vehicle theft;
6. Security inspections;
7. Traffic safety; and
8. Environmental design


the Crime Prevention Officer shall be the department’s liaison in crime prevention affairs with interested community groups such as?

1. The business community;
2. Citizen groups;
3. Civic associations;
4. Private security groups;
5. Homeowner/tenants associations;
6. Social welfare agencies; and
7. Other city agencies.


The Crime Prevention Officer, as well as other members of the department, shall actively seek the opportunity to provide input in the development and/or revision of :

1. design regulations,
2. zoning laws,
3. building codes,
4. fire codes, and
5. building permit regulations that may concern the safety and welfare of the general public.