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Mental Illness


What is the CPD policy when dealing with the mentally ill?

Given the unpredictable and sometimes violent nature of the mentally ill, officers should never compromise or jeopardize their safety or the safety of others when dealing with individuals displaying symptoms of mental illness. In the context of enforcement and related activities, officers shall be guided by this state’s law regarding the detention of the mentally ill. Officers shall use this policy to assist them in defining whether a person’s behavior is indicative of mental illness and dealing with the mentally ill in a constructive and humane manner.


What is Mental Illness

A subject may suffer from mental illness if he/she displays an inability to think rationally, exercise adequate control over behavior or impulses (e.g. aggressive, suicidal, homicidal, sexual), and/or take reasonable care of his/her welfare with regard to basic provisions for clothing, food, shelter, or safety.


How to deal with the mentally ill?

Request a backup officer, Take steps to calm the situation, Move slowly and do not excite the distressed individual, Communicate with the individual in an attempt to determine what is bothering him, Do not threaten the individual, Avoid topics that may agitate the person, and Always attempt to be truthful with a mentally ill individual.


How offend should officers receive training on the mentally ill?

all sworn personnel at least once every three years.


What is C.I.T.?

specially trained officers from the Uniformed Services Command of the Chattanooga Police Department (CPD) and the Uniform Patrol Division of the Hamilton County sheriff’s Office


What is the supervisors responsibility's when on the scene with CIT?

evaluate the circumstances of the crisis call and determine if the C.I.T OPS-44, Page 4 of 7 officer will be relieved, and if the Hostage Negotiation Team or SWAT needs to be activated.