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Portugal primary white grape varieties are...

Vinho Verde: trajadura, alvarinho, loureiro

Douro: gouveio

Dao: encruzado

Bairrada/Ribatejo/Bucelas/Alentejo: Maria Gomez, fernao pires, arinto, roupeiro


Portugal red grape varieties are...

Douro and Dao: Touriga Nacional, Tinto Roriz

Douro and Alentejo: Aragonez

Bairrada: Baga

Colares: Ramisco

Alentejo and Southern Portugal: Trincadeira

Southern Portugal: Castelao Frances, Joao de Santarem, Periquita


The established wine quality levels in Portugal are:

Vinho de Mesa: table wines

Vinho Regional (VR): equivalent to Vin de Pays

Indicacao de Proveniencia Regulamentada (IPR): equivalent to VDQS. Regions with potential for elevation to DOC category.
Being absorbed into DOC

Denominacao de Origen Controlada (DOC): approved quality wine areas

Garrafeira: reserve wines


New EU sanctioned Quality Levels:

Denominacao de Origem Protegida (DOP): former DOC's; former IPR's; similar to AOC (stated allowed styles, maximum yields, minimum alcohol content and possible aging requirements-not vintage)

Indicacao Geografica Protegida (IG or IGP): former VR's; 85% of grapes must be grown in stated region/minimum alcohol by volume requirements apply; can keep original quality classifications within Portugal; still in a state of flux, trying to play with EU rules for better export efficacy


DOC Regions:

Minho (Vinho Verde)
Porto & Douro


Vinho Verde DOC facts:

Red, white and rose wines produced in the Minho province with nine sub-districts.
Bottled young to undergo malolactic fermentation in bottle.
Best white wines from Alvarinho or Loureiro grapes


Douro DOC facts:

Only a certain percentage of all grapes grown may be used for Port production.
Region achieved DOC status for table wines in 1982.
Barca Velha the region's first fine wine.
Grapes: Touriga Nacional, Tinta Roriz, Tinta Barroca and more.
Soils: Schist.


Dao DOC facts:

Terraced vineyards on granite slopes.
90% red -10% white wines.
12 approved grape varieties.
By law 20% minimum of red wines must be from Touriga Nacional.
Arinto and Encruzado are predominant white grapes.


Bairrada DOC facts:

Clay-based soils with chalk.
Sparkling wines from Maria Gomez and Bical.
Many different grapes allowed.
Bairrada Classico red wines must contain minimum of 50% Baga grape (normally 80%).
Maria Gomez predominant white grape.


Regions of southern Portugal:

Lisboa: nine sub-regions; formerly Estremadura; Atlantic-influenced climate

Alentejo: eight sub-regions; formerly Alentejo; white wines Chalk soils; Periquita grape.

Colares: Ramisco grape, ungrafted vines grown in sand.

Algarve: red and white wines from 4 DO districts.