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What AVA means?

American Viticultural Area


USA background...

Wine laws in USA are based in taxation and defining regions based in geographical boundaries, vino fixation and viticulture do not play a prominent role.
1919-1933: cripples alcohol industry
1960's: the beginning of the modern California wine era.


American Viticultural Areas generalities:

All beverage alcohol laws are under the jurisdiction of the Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB)
AVA defined as "delimited grape growing area"
Refers only to geographic location
No quality regulations or testing panels


What TTB means?

Tax and Trade Bureau


TTB Label Laws:

75% minimum varietal composition (except Oregon)
95% from year stated on bottle (85% if appellation is state or country)
85% minimum from stated AVA (except super AVA)
95% minimum from stated vineyard
Every wine must be labeled with a brand name with the bottler's name and location
Estate bottled requirements: -winery and vineyards must be located in the same AVA -winery must own or control the vineyards where the grapes are grown