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What is the difference between Personas and Segments?

A Segment is a portion of your database to which you target a communication. A Persona is a fictional character created to represent your ideal buyer. Personas help you configure Segments.


______ help inform your messaging and tone.



What is Lead Scoring?

Lead Scoring is the predictive ranking of one inbound response versus another. An automated scoring program is objective. It is a matter of differentiating those who are simply interested from those who are ready to talk to Sales about a specific solution.


What are the building blocks of a Segment?

Individuals, lists, filters.


How can the RPM strategy be applied to data management (in brief)?

1. Analyze 2. Act 3. Analyze


The first step in applying the RPM strategy to data management?

(1) Analyze data by running reports and viewing current data completeness and other metrics.


In applying the RPM strategy to data management, describe the "Act" step.

(2) Take action to standardize data and automate processes.


In applying the RPM strategy to data management, what is the third and final step?

Analyze again by rechecking data reports and optimize processes if necessary.


List the various methods of excluding Contacts from a Segment.

System Exclude, Master Exclude, Segment Exclude.


What is RPM?

A strategy for managing a company's interactions with buyers throughout the buying cycle that enables predictable, rapid, and profitable revenue growth.