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pulmonary tuberculosis (TB)

bacterial infection of the lungs -can spread to other organs -contagion spread through the air through droplets from an infected individual coughing, sneezing, or talking -1/3 of the world's population is currently infected w TB, but onyl 5-10% become sick or infections (active TB)


malignant mesothelioma

-rarer type of lung cancer affecting pleura(mesothelium) -caused by exposure to asbestos -can affect other internal organs


bronchogenic carcinoma (lung cancer)

- common type of lung cancer arising from bronchial epithelium -smoking a major cause -highly metastatic due to association of lymphatics in bronchial tissue -typically metastasizes to brain and cranium


pulmonary embolism (PE)

-obstruction of pulmonary artery by blood clot, fat globule, or air bubble, often fatal -passes from vein into right side of heart via vena cava and then travels through heart and inot pulmonary artery, obstructing blood flow -DVT common cause


pleuritis (pleurisy)

-inflammation of the pleura, may cause "scraping sounds" during auscultation, and can cause sharp stabbing pain


hemothorax, hydrothorax, and chylothorax

-other substances, such as blood (hemothorax) from a penetrating would, serous fluid (hydorthorax), or lymph (chylothorax) that inflitrated the pleural cavity may also cause the lung to collapse


pulmonary collapse "collapsed lung"

-air inflitrating the pleaural cavity (pneumothrax) can break suface tention tw the visceral and parietal pleura. When this happens, the elastic lung tissue will recoil (collapse) leaving air filled space within the pleural cavity that prevents expansion of the lung during inspiration


Innervation of the lungs sympathetics

postganglionic symptathtic never pathway, via the right and left pulmonary plexuses


innervation of the lungs parasympathetics

vagus nerve CNX via same plexuses


veinous drianage veins and pulmonary veins

bronchial veins drain into azygos system: right-azygos vein left accessory hemiazygos vein or intercostal vein


blood supply to the lungs... left bronchila arteries from



blood supply to lungs right bronchila artieries from

intercostal arteries, aorta, or left bronchial a.


The lungs are covered by

the viserval pleura