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2.2 Carbohydrates
Why do we need carbohydrates,
What are carbohydrates made up of,
What type of compounds are carboh...
38  cards
2.2 Lipids
What are organic solvents,
What atoms are lipids made of,
What are lipids are they soluble ...
37  cards
2.2 Water
What to the hydrogen and oxygen s...,
Why does the oxygen pull the elec...,
What is the the charge of the oxygen
24  cards
2.1 Eukaryotic cells
Where are eukaryotic cells found,
Where are prokaryotic cells found,
What is the function of the nucleus
62  cards
2.2 Proteins
What are globular proteins,
Are globular proteins soluble or ...,
Give an example of a globular pro...
50  cards
2.2 Nucleic Acids
What are the two types of nucleic...,
What are nucleotides,
What are nucleic acids made up of
49  cards
2.3 DNA Replication
Why does cell division occur,
What is produced due to cell divi...,
What are epithelial tissues
14  cards
2.1 Microscopy
What is resolution,
What is the resolution of a micro...,
How does a light microscope work
32  cards
2.1 Prokaryotic Vs eukaryotic
Which cell has membrane bound org...,
Which is single called organisms,
Which is simpler
12  cards
2.1 Prokaryotic Cells
Do prokaryotic cells contain a nu...,
What other structures are found i...,
What is a plasmid
11  cards
2.1 Cytoskeleton
What are protein threads arranged as,
What are microfilments,
What are microtubules
18  cards
2.3 The Genetic Code
What is a gene,
What does each gene code for,
What do bases code for
20  cards
2.3 Transcription (PS)
What is transcription the process of,
What is transcription the first s...,
Why can t dna leave the nucleus
18  cards
2.3 Translation (PS)
What happens during translation,
Where does translation occur,
What happens to the amino acids i...
19  cards
2.1 Packaging Proteins
What to ribosomes in the cytoplas...,
What do ribosomes attached to the...,
What is the rough ers role in pro...
9  cards
2.2 Food Tests
What are the two types of sugar,
How do you test for reducing sugars,
What colour is benedicts reagent
29  cards
2.4 enzymes
What type of protein are enzymes,
Are enzymes soluble why,
What are enzymes necessary for
31  cards
2.6 Cell cycle (interphase)
What phase does a cell spend most...,
What are the long periods of grow...,
What happens to the dna during in...
24  cards
2.6. Mitotic phase
What 2 stages does the mitotic ph...,
What occurs in mitosis,
What happens in cytokinesis
21  cards
2.4 Factors Affecting Enzyme Activity
Name 4 factors affecting enzyme a...,
What happens to the rate of react...,
What does more heat provide the m...
25  cards
2.4 enzyme inhibition
How does a competitive inhibitor ...,
How is a competitive inhibitor ab...,
What do the competitive inhibitor...
41  cards
2.5 Membranes
What organelles have membranes,
What is the role of membranes,
Why is the role of membranes impo...
42  cards
2.5 Protiens In Membranes
How much of a cell membrane do pr...,
What are intergral proteins,
What are other names for intergra...
23  cards
2.5 Cell Signalling
Why do cells need to communicate ...,
What do cells communicate using,
What are the steps involved in ce...
25  cards
2.5 Membrane Permeability
What do membranes control,
What are the three processes subs...,
What is osmosis
24  cards
2.5 diffusion
What are all cells surrounded by,
What do partially permeable membr...,
Why do all cells need to import s...
23  cards
2.5 Facilitated Diffusion
What is facilitated diffusion,
What are the 2 types of facilitat...,
What is a channel protein
12  cards
2.6 Meiosis
What sort of division does meiosi...,
What is a reduction division,
What is the name for a cell with ...
23  cards
2.5 Osmosis
What happens to red blood cells w...,
What happens to red blood cells i...,
What happens if the solution has ...
18  cards
3.1 Human Respiratory System
Why can small organisms diffuse g...,
Give an example of a small organism,
What do large organisms have
16  cards
2.4 Cofactors & Coenzymes
What are cofactors and coenzymes,
What is a cofactor,
What does a cofactor do
30  cards
2.4 Catalase Enzyme Experiment
What is the iv in this experiment,
What is the dv in this experiment,
What are other variables that nee...
15  cards
2.3 Purifying DNA Experiment
1 break up cells using a,
2 make solution what should it co...,
3 what do you add to the detergen...
12  cards
5.6 Aerobic Respiration
Where does glycolysis occur,
Glycolysis 1 two atp release two ...,
Glycolysis what is the process by...
56  cards
5.3 Liver
What are the 3 main metabolic was...,
What is co2 a waste product of,
What are bile products a waste pr...
55  cards
5.3 Kidney Structure, Ultrafiltration & Reabsorbtion
The kidneys are supplied with blo...,
Blood is removed from the kidneys...,
How much blood passes through the...
58  cards
6.2 Patterns Of Inheritance & Variation
Why does variation arise,
Random mutations are essential fo...,
Variation within a species can ar...
32  cards
2.6 Tissues, Organs & Organ Systems
What is a tissue,
What is squamous epithelium,
Animal tissue where is squamous e...
22  cards
6.1 Gene Mutation
What is a mutation,
What are the 2 types of mutation,
When can a mutation be inherited
50  cards
6.1 Transcriptional & Translational Control
Rna processing what type of molec...,
Rna processing what is added to p...,
Rna processing what is a cap and ...
19  cards
6.1 Body Plans & apoptosis
What is morphogenesis,
What controls development of all ...,
The genes were discovered by scie...
50  cards
6.2 Phenotypic Ratios, linkage & epistasis
Linkage ratios observed in a dihy...,
Linkage what is linkage,
Linkage linked genes are inherite...
13  cards
2.5 Active Transport
What is active transport,
How does active transport differ ...,
What are the 2 ways active transp...
20  cards
3.1 Specialised Exchange Surfaces
All organisms need to do what,
All cells need to take in what,
Cells also need to excrete what
11  cards
3.2 Circulatory Systems
Single called organisms are able ...,
Single celled organisms have what...,
Multicellular organisms have what
27  cards
3.2 The Heart & Cardiac Cycle
What is myocardium and what does ...,
Heart what is the pericardium and...,
Heart the pericardial fluid is se...
44  cards
3.2 Haemoglobin & CO2 transport
What type of molecule is haemoglobin,
Haemoglobin is found where,
Haemoglobin bings to what
29  cards
4.1 Bacterial Diseases
What is an infectious disease,
A small proportion of bacteria ar...,
How can bacteria be classified
33  cards
4.1 Fungal Diseases
Where can fungal diseases cause d...,
Are fungi prokaryotic or eukaryotic,
Most are multicellular but some s...
24  cards
4.1 Protoctist Disease
What are protoctists,
They are single celled and group ...,
How are they transferred to hosts
28  cards
4.1 Viral Diseases
Viruses are what,
What mode of action do viruses take,
Viruses are made of one protein a...
26  cards
4.1 Disease & Plant Defences
What is a disease,
In what ways can disease be class...,
Timescale what is acute and what ...
12  cards
5.4 Plant Responses To Abiotic Stress
Trees loose their leaves in winte...,
Trees loose their leaves at the p...,
Antifreeze if cells freeze what h...
28  cards
5.4 Defences To Herbivory
What are some physical defences p...,
Chemical defences tannins are com...,
Chemical defences how are phenols...
33  cards
5.4 Plant Hormones
Ripening which hormone is involve...,
Ripening ripening is linked to a ...,
Ripening what type of fruits are ...
23  cards
5.4 Plant Responses
Plants respond to what changes in...,
What are some limitations of plants,
Hormones what role do auxins play...
34  cards
5.4 Tropisms
A tropism is growth in response t...,
What is the difference between a ...,
A phototropism is growth in respo...
36  cards
1.1 Equations
How is allele frequency calculated,
How is genotype frequency calculated,
How is population size estimated
4  cards
6.6 Ecosystems
What is ecology,
What is an ecosystem,
The boundaries of an ecosystem ar...
21  cards
5.1 Neuronal communication & sensory receptors
What must all organisms do,
How do animals respond to their e...,
How do plants respond to their en...
49  cards
5.1 Nervous transmission & potentials
What is potential difference what...,
What is the normal resting state ...,
In resting state what is the memb...
36  cards
5.1 Synapses
What is a synapse,
How does information pass across ...,
What is the presynaptic neurone
33  cards
5.1 the nervous system
What does cns mean,
What does pns mean,
What is the peripheral nervous sy...
38  cards
5.1 Reflexes
What is a reflex,
State the steps in a reflex arc,
What is a withdrawal reflex
21  cards
5.1 types of muscle
What percentage of body mass does...,
What is muscle tissue made up of,
What are the three types of muscle
29  cards
5.1 Skeletal muscle
What is each muscle composed of,
What is the connective tissue cal...,
What are the smaller fibres in mu...
39  cards
5.1 Neuromuscular junctions
When does the muscle contract,
1 where is a nerve impulse conducted,
2 when a nerve impulse reaches th...
27  cards
5.2 hormonal communication & glands
What is an endocrine gland,
Give examples of some endocrine g...,
What does the pituitary gland do
40  cards
5.1 Hormonal vs. Neuronal
Hormonal communication is by chem...,
Neuronal communication is by what,
Hormonal transmission is by the
16  cards
5.2 Adrenal glands
Where are adrenal glands located,
What are the two parts of the adr...,
What are the adrenal medulla and ...
19  cards
5.2 pancreas & glucose regulation
What type of gland is the pancreas,
How is the pancreas an exocrine g...,
How is the pancreas an endocrine ...
32  cards
5.2 insulin & glucagon
Where is insulin produced,
When is insulin produced,
At what point are blood glucose l...
21  cards
5.2 Diabetes
In type 1 diabetes what are you u...,
Why dont you produce insulin type 1,
Is the cause of type 1 diabetes k...
41  cards
3.3 Plant transport systems
What can small plants do,
What are the 3 main reasons plant...,
What are plants that have special...
21  cards
3.3 Xylem, Phloem & transport
What does xylem transport,
Which way does xylem transport wa...,
Is xylem made of dead or alive ti...
42  cards
3.3 Passage of water through plant
What percentage of water passing ...,
The 99 of water not used in photo...,
What is the highest water potential
40  cards
3.3 Transpiration
1 is humidity in the air more or ...,
2 so what do the water molecules ...,
3 water lost from the airspaces i...
18  cards
3.3 Translocation
What is translocation,
In which direction can translocat...,
Is translocation an active or pas...
37  cards
3.3 Factors affecting transpiration
Increased light,
Light is needed for what process,
During photosynthesis o2 and co2 ...
20  cards
3,3 Plant adaptations to water availability
What are the three types of plants,
What are hydrophytes,
What are xerophytes
31  cards
4.2 kingdoms & classifications
Traditionally what 2 groups were ...,
What became apparent regarding th...,
What are the 5 kingdoms
30  cards
4.2 3 domains and phylogeny
What happens to classification sy...,
What changes as organisms evolve,
Scientists can discover evolution...
35  cards
5.2 Fight or Flight
When a potentially dangerous stim...,
What is the fight or flight respo...,
What nervous system detects a threat
19  cards
5.2 Heart Rate
What is normal heart rate,
Is heart rate voluntary or involu...,
What nervous system controls hear...
27  cards
5.3 Homeostasis and thermoregulation
What is homeostasis,
Why is homeostasis important,
What conditions must be maintained
34  cards
5.6 Anaerobic respiration
Lactate in lactate fermentation p...,
Lactate no o2 means that the elec...,
Lactate if the electron chain bac...
26  cards
5.6 organisms & respiratory substrates
What are obligate anaerobes,
What are obligate aerobes,
What are facultative anaerobes
14  cards
5.5 Photosynthesis - plant cells
Define photosynthesis,
In photosynthesis light energy is...,
What are autotrophs
22  cards
5.5 Photosynthesis - light dependant & independent
Light dependant 1 what does photo...,
Light dependant 2 excited electro...,
Light dependant 3 atp is made in ...
42  cards
5.5 Factors affecting photosynthesis
When does a something become a li...,
Why is light needed in photosynth...,
Increasing light intensity increa...
15  cards
5.3 Kidneys & Osmoregulation
What is osmoregulation,
What sorts of things can put the ...,
What could happen is kpa was not ...
35  cards
5.3 Kidneys & Testing
What does urine contain,
What is present in urine if you h...,
What is present in your urine if ...
35  cards
5.3 Kidney Failure
What are 3 reasons for kidney fai...,
How can kidney infections cause k...,
How can raised blood pressure cau...
48  cards
6.2 Monogenic Inheritance
Variation is the phenotypic diffe...,
What 4 things can variation be th...,
Monogenic inheritance explains what
51  cards
2.6 Cell Specialisation
What is differentiation,
What are the 3 types of variation,
Give an example of a cell with ch...
41  cards
2.6 Stem Cells
What are stem cells,
Give examples of where stem cells...,
What is potency
52  cards
6.1 Gene Expression
What are genes that code for enzy...,
What are genes that code for prot...,
How is expression of genes regulated
33  cards
3.2 Blood Vessels
What is the sequence of blood ves...,
Arteries what layers does an arte...,
Arteries the tough outer layer co...
26  cards
3.2 blood, tissue fluid & lymph
Blood blood consists of what yell...,
Blood what does plasma contain,
Plasma proteins what 3 large prot...
30  cards
4.2 Evolution - studying & evidence
What sources can scientists use t...,
Palaeontology what is palaeontology,
Palaeontology what are fossils wh...
29  cards
4.2 Variation & modern examples of Evolution
Variation what is variation,
Variation what is interspecific v...,
Variation what is intraspecific v...
35  cards
4.2 adaptations & changing populations
Organisms adapt to exploit their ...,
What is a niche,
What is adaptation
33  cards

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