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Lecture 2/3-properties Of Biological Molecules I&II
Standard free e change equation,
Gibbs free e equation,
Three types of non covalent bonds
32  cards
Lecture 3 - Amino Acids 3 letter
Alanine 3 letter,
Proline 3 letter,
Valine 3 letter
20  cards
Lecture 3 - Amino Acids 1 Letter
Aspartic acid
21  cards
Lecture 3 Amnio Acids
32  cards
Lecture 4 - Bioinformatics
In the blosum 62 what is indicate...,
Substitution introduces aa that i...,
Substitution introduces aa that i...
6  cards
Lecture 5 - 3-D Structure of Proteins
What is responsible for hydrogen ...,
The carbons of an aa that lie on ...,
Alpha carbons are on same side of...
27  cards
Lecture 6- Protein Folding I
Describe the different types of n...,
Protein folding is a non conserva...,
Secondary structure plays an impo...
14  cards
Lecture 7 - Protein Folding II
How to calculate propensity for a...,
A given peptide is 20 amino acids...,
A given peptide has an alpha heli...
21  cards
Lecture 8 - Protein Folding III
Describe the type of 2 structure ...,
______ are proteins that consist ...,
What are some possible causes of ...
19  cards
Lecture 9 & 10 - Hemoglobin I & II
Two components necessary for hb p...,
Two things necessary for dna synt...,
Lack organelles biconcave utilizi...
29  cards
Lecture 12 - enzymes II
In lineweaver burke slope is equa...,
In lineweaver burke x intercept i...,
Bi substrate reactions require __...
8  cards
Lecture 13 - Enzymes III
Atcase acts as a n ______ of pyri...,
Atcase regulatory and catalytic s...,
Ctp works to lock atcase into the...
14  cards
Lecture 15 - Lipids
The _____ portion of a phospholip...,
The ______ portion of a phospholi...,
Fatty acids are stored as _____ a...
28  cards
Lecture 16 - Mem. I
Biological membranes are easily d...,
What is meant by the fluid struct...,
Describe how micelles are importa...
23  cards
Lecture 18 - Txpt I
What specific non covalent intera...,
What is meant by specificity of m...,
A protein with several transmembr...
29  cards
Lecture 19 - Txpt II
Compare ion channel speed to ion ...,
The opening and closing of ion ch...,
Voltage gated ion channels respon...
31  cards
Lecture 20 - Nucleotide Structure
The acid portion of dna or rna ar...,
Nucleic acids are nucleotides att...,
Describe the sugar phosphate back...
38  cards
Lecture 21 - Nucleotide Metabolism
The committed step of purine synt...,
Closes the nitrogenous base in pu...,
Reduces ndps to dndps
23  cards
Lecture 17 - Membranes II
Plasma membrane fluidity is contr...,
Which provides more membrane flui...,
Fatty acids with longer tails hav...
21  cards
Lecture 23 - Fundamentals of Nutrition
Carbohydrates should comprise ___...,
Which of the following macromolec...,
Lipids should comprise _____ of t...
60  cards
Lecture 25 - Glycolysis & Gluconeogenesis
The reaction of glucose to ______...,
G 6 p to _____ is governed by pho...,
Pyruvate kinase catalyzes the rea...
13  cards
Lecture 24 - Carbohydrates
A natural sweetener comprised of ...,
Both insoluble and soluble assist...,
Disaccharide of glucose and galac...
42  cards
Lecture 21 & 25 - Nuc & Glyc Regulation
What compound negatively regulate...,
What regulates imp dehydrogenase,
Prpp synthetase is regulated by w...
17  cards
Lecture 26 - Glycogen Metabolism I
The terminal glucose contains wha...,
The reducing or c1 end of the glu...,
The ____ is manufactured by glyco...
19  cards
Lecture 28 - TCA Cycle
The f x portion of acetyl coa is ...,
Atp production occurs in the ____...,
Electrons are transferred between...
35  cards
Lecture 29 - Ox-Phos Intro
The ____ is the location of both ...,
Oxidative phosphorylation occurs ...,
A patient lacks the ability to ge...
26  cards
Lecture 30 - Ox Phos Regulation
Atp synthase is also known as ___...,
The f1 subunit of atp synthase is...,
Wha f1 subunits are arranged in a...
21  cards
Lecture 31 - Pentose Phosphate Pathway
Reduced nadph in red blood cells ...,
The rate limiting step of the ppp...,
What step of the ppp is oxidative
12  cards
Lecture 33 - Lipid Metabolism II
Fatty acid synthesis occurs in th...,
Fatty acid break down occurs in l...,
Enzymes for fa synthesis are loca...
50  cards
Lecture 37 - Ischemia and Reperfusion
Metabolic rates are higher in the...,
The blood brain barrier bbb has t...,
This is a measurement of the carb...
47  cards
Lecture 36 - Integration of Metabolism
Which of the following is not a m...,
Which of the following is not an ...,
Which of the following is not a f...
53  cards
Lecture 39 - Learning and Memory - AMPA-R
Explicit memory of facts events p...,
Sustained action potentials that ...,
Memory for procedures a declarati...
13  cards
Lecture 40 - Protein Folding Disorders
In this folding disorder a protei...,
Two sub disorders may occur in im...,
Occasionally dna undergoes a gene...
22  cards
Lecture 3 - Amino Acids Continued
Linear structure of proteins a pr...,
Alpha helix and beta sheet is thi...,
Multiple chains and subunits make...
7  cards
Lecture 3 - pKas
Alpha carboxyl group,
Aspartic glutamic acid,
8  cards
Lecture 11 - Enzymes I
The most common of all enzymatic ...,
Primary f x s of enzymes,
How does one increase the product...
31  cards
Lecture 12 - Enzymes II
Nn comp
3  cards
Lecture 22 - Intro to Metabolism
Series of linked chemical reactio...,
Builds energy or converts energy ...,
Metabolic reaction class that req...
30  cards
Lecture 27 - Glycogen Met. II
End product of glycogenolysis,
Enzymes of glycogenolysis,
Branch point of glycogen is what ...
16  cards
Lecture 32 - Lipid Metabolism I
Lingual and gastric lipases diges...,
Emulsification of fats occurs by ...,
Which of the following is respons...
37  cards
Lecture 33 - Amino Acid Metabolism I
Degradation and re synthesis of p...,
These are organelles that are imp...,
These act as a molecular garbage ...
28  cards
Lecture 34 - Amino Acid Metabolism II
Heme synthesis involves the react...,
The production of heme from succi...,
Delta aminolevulinate synthase co...
25  cards
Lecture 38 - GABA signalling
Draw the production degradation o...,
Gaba is broken down into ____ and...,
Succinic semiadehyde is broken do...
17  cards

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