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General structure of the nervous system
What is the pns made up of,
What is the brainstem composed of,
Where is the white matter located...
65  cards
Cells of the CNS
What is the broad function of gli...,
List 5 types of glial cells,
What are microglia
64  cards
Skull anatomy
What are the two groups of bones ...,
What is the vault,
What is the upper cranium called
57  cards
Chemical transmission in the CNS
Which receptors does na act on in...,
What is the major nt in the sympa...,
What is the major nt in the paras...
42  cards
Introduction to cognition and emotion
Describe the top down influence o...,
Describe the broad framework of s...,
How is cognition defined in the f...
45  cards
Regulating neuronal excitability
Describe the difference between l...,
What is the site of action for an...,
What is the site of action for lo...
51  cards
Development of the nervous system
Which of the three germ layers do...,
Which structure that arises in th...,
What happens to the neural plate ...
50  cards
Cranial cavity
Describe the three layers of the ...,
What are each of the three layers...,
Describe the spaces created by ea...
47  cards
Traumatic head and spinal injury
Which structures may the direct e...,
What is concussion,
What causes concussion
45  cards
Peripheral sensory mechanisms
What type of skin covers the palm...,
What is glabrous skin specialised...,
How is glabrous skin specialised ...
41  cards
Central somatosensory pathways
Are the dorsal columns grey matte...,
What sort of information travels ...,
How are the dorsal columns organised
34  cards
Functional organisation of spinal cord
List the functional roles of the ...,
What is the spinal cord surrounde...,
At what level is a lumbar punctur...
44  cards
Face, scalp and parotid
Where does the scalp extend between,
What are the layers of the scalp ...,
Which layer of the scalp allows i...
43  cards
Overview of brainstem organisation
What does the brainstem act as a ...,
What are the functions of the bra...,
What are the three major componen...
29  cards
Neural regeneration
What is the major difference betw...,
When damage occurs to a periphera...,
Is neuronal repair in the pns ful...
33  cards
Cranial Nerves
What do cranial nerves supply,
Which two cranial nerves are diff...,
List the cranial nerves
54  cards
Transmitters and receptors
What must drugs do in order to ac...,
What effect do drugs that cross t...,
Which processes of chemical neuro...
30  cards
Prefrontal cortex and executive functioning
How much of the brain volume is o...,
What are the principles of subdiv...,
Which types of connections are ge...
27  cards
What is pain,
What is the difference between no...,
Describe the process of nociception
32  cards
Orbit and eyes
Which bones form the orbital margins,
What is the special feature of th...,
Which bones form the roof of the ...
52  cards
In which layer of the eyeball is ...,
Which structure of the eye is imp...,
Which factors are fundamental to ...
42  cards
Imaging of CNS
Describe the utility of plain fil...,
Describe the utility of pneumoenc...,
How is catheter angiography used ...
23  cards
Autonomic nervous system
What is the purpose of the autono...,
Which tissue types does the cns i...,
What are the three divisions of t...
36  cards
Visual pathway
What are the two structural class...,
What are m and p ganglion cells r...,
What is the most important target...
23  cards
Self non-self discrimination
What is the function of tolerance,
What are the two types of tolerance,
What are the broad mechanisms for...
39  cards
Ear and auditory tube
What are the three areas of the ear,
What comprises the outer ear,
What are the borders of the middl...
37  cards
CNS infections - cellular pathogens
In which age group do cns infecti...,
In which age group do cns infecti...,
What are the three major causes o...
33  cards
Eye and head movements
What are the components that cont...,
Describe the different types of e...,
Describe the extraocular muscles
28  cards
Disorders of language
What is an aphasia,
How is a language disorder differ...,
What are some of the causes of ap...
17  cards
Higher visual processing
What sort of visual information d...,
Where do m and p ganglion cells t...,
Which layer of the visual cortex
30  cards
Locomotion and posture
What observable signs may charact...,
Describe the difference between s...,
Describe the morphology of motor ...
33  cards
Regulating dopamine levels
Describe the structure pathway of...,
Which three nts are important for...,
Describe the motor signs and symp...
33  cards
Motor cortex
Describe the difference between d...,
What do cecerebrate and decortica...,
In which pathway is the red nucle...
26  cards
Circulation of the CNS
How much of the co is required by...,
Describe auto regulation,
Which major arteries from the cir...
25  cards
What is being detected when we pe...,
Briefly describe how different el...,
What is the function of the ossicles
38  cards
Basal ganglia and cerebellum
What are the functions of the mot...,
Where is the motor cortex located,
Describe the mapping of the prima...
26  cards
What is stroke,
Are strokes always visible,
Describe the pathologic processes...
42  cards
Nasal cavity and nasopharynx
Describe the skeleton of the exte...,
Describe the skeleton of the nasa...,
What are the openings of the nasa...
28  cards
Memory disorders
Describe the relationship between...,
Define memory,
What did the case of hm help us t...
34  cards
DNA testing in diagnosis of neurological disorders
Describe the two broad mechanisms...,
What are unstable repeat expansions,
What is the difference between na...
30  cards
Cellular basis of epilepsy
Define epilepsy,
What do the clinical manifestatio...,
Describe the lifetime prevalence ...
50  cards
Cellular basis of behavioural illness
What is catatonia,
Although neuropathology has chnag...,
When do most neurodevelopmental a...
22  cards
Learning and memory
In which lobe of the brain is mem...,
What did hm teach us about memory,
Which form of memory was still in...
16  cards
Introduction to psychological development
What is development,
Why is understanding development ...,
Describe how development has alte...
20  cards
Oral cavity and oropharynx
Which bones form the structure of...,
What are the alveolar arhces,
How is the soft palate attached t...
36  cards
Drugs of dependence and antidepressants
Define drug dependence,
Define drug abuse,
Describe the relationship between...
44  cards
Ageing and frailty
How will australian population ha...,
Briefly describe factors that hav...,
Describe why compression of morbi...
21  cards
Larynx and laryngopharynx
Describe the upper and lower bord...,
Describe the bones of the larynge...,
Describe the membranes of the larynx
27  cards
Viruses affecting the CNS
Define the terms neurotropic neur...,
What is myelitis,
What is encephalomyelitis
58  cards
Clinical presentation of cognitive disorders
When and why was neuropsychology ...,
What is included in the diagnosti...,
What is cognitive rehabilitation
13  cards
Pathogenesis of dementia
List three major neurodegenerativ...,
Describe the genetic risk factors...,
Describe the environmental risk f...
27  cards

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