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What are some examples of alternative diets?

Homemade wellness diets
Vegan and vegetarian diets
Homemade therapeutic diets
Raw food diets


What are some potential problems with homemade diets?

Source of the recipe - not being balanced or formulation errors
Preparation errors
Time consuming
Diet Drift
Lack of feeding trials


What is diet drift?

The gradual change of a homemade diets nutrient content over time
Ex: the nutrient profile of a homemade food the first time a recipe is performed vs the profile of the diet six months later following the same recipe


What are common nutritional errors seen when feeding homemade diets?

Calcium or trace mineral deficiency
Vitamin deficiency
Excessive protein and or fat
Essential fatty acid(s) deficiency
*feline nutritional requirements


What is more important in a pet food diet, the ingredients or nutrients?



What variations of raw diets might you see?

Commercially prepared
home prepared complete raw diets
Combination diets


Commercially available raw food diets come in what forms?

Freeze dried


Does refrigeration, freezing, or freeze drying raw diets guarantee killing off of possible pathogens?



What does the BARF diet stand for?

Biologically appropriate raw food/Billinghurst's appropriate raw food

Diet consisting of 60% raw, meaty bones


What is the goal of the BARF diet?

It is based on the type and quantity of foods a wild dog would eat... attempts to balance diet overall, rather than at each meal


What do combination raw diets consist of?

Commercial grain and or supplement mix meant to be fed in combination with raw meat


What are the purported benefits of a raw diet?

Improved skin and coat
Elimination of breath, body, and fecal odors
Improved health and immune function
Improved behavior and activity level
Reduces disease incidence



What is the enzyme food concept?

"The GI system has a limited quantity of digestive enzymes for a life time, so it is believed that raw foods have their own biological and chemical enzymes that assist in digesting, thus sparing the pancreas from using its digestive enzymes and prolonging life/preventing dz"

This is BS


What medical issues may be seen associated with raw food diets in dogs?

GI foreign bodies and perforations
Dental issues
nutritional imbalances
**food safety concerns for owners


What concerns may you have when an owner is feeding raw, human grade meats to their dog?

Pathogens - human grade meat can have up to 50% pathogens bc the meat is labeled to be cooked.
**salmonella and Campylobacter


T/F: The AVMA advises against feeding dogs and cats raw animal products



What questions should you ask when evaluating a homemade diet?

Are there 4-5 food groups represented?
Is the carbohydrate source cooked?
What is the type and quantity of protein?
If the protein source lean or fat?
What is the source of calcium and other trace minerals/vitamins?
what is the source of EFA?