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What beliefs did he lay out in Mein Kamph?

-Northern Europeans belonged to the Aryan Race (superior)
-Germans were in the Herrenvolk (master race)
-All German-speakers should unite into one empire
-Communism was evil and must be destroyed
-The Jews were plotting to destroy Germany.


How did Nazis come to power?

-Blamed Weimar R, communists and Jews for Germany's failure
-SA led by Ernst Röhm
-SS led by Heinrich Himmler
-Votes increased => largest pasty in Reichstag
-Hindenburg appointed Hitler as Chancellor


How did Hitler become a dictator?

-Nazis took over police force
-Communist set fire to Reichstag => Ban of communist party
-Enabling Law: Rule by decree (no parliament) for 4 Yrs
-'Night of Long Knifes' - Killed Ernst Röhm
-Hindenburg's death => chancellor + president roles => der Führer


How did Hitler use propaganda?

-Josef Goebbels: Minister for Propaganda
-Media, newspapers, radio, film
-Nuremberg rallies to celebrate achievements


How did Hitler use Terror?

-Secret Police = Gestapo
-Concentration Camps = 1st in Dachau
-SS ordered the camps (Order of the Death's Head)


What were the Nazi Youth Movements?

-Fungvolk: 10-14 (boys)
-Fungmädelbund: 10-14 (girls)
-Hitler Youth: 14-18 (boys). Hikes w/ stones in bags. Made future easier.
-League of German Maidens: 14-18 (girls). Good future mothers


How did Hitler reduce unemployment?

-Public Works e.g. Autobahnen
-Army increased & factories for war materials opened
-Allowances to married women with children to stay at home


What was Kristallnacht?

The night of broken glass. On 9th of November 1938, Jews were attacked and their property damaged. They burnt synagogues and over 90 Jews died. Others were sent to concentration camps.


What were the Nuremberg Laws?

For the "protection of German blood and honour". 1935
-No Germans could marry Jews
-No voting
-Wore Star of David


What was the Holocaust?

-Mass murder of Jews during WW2
-Invaded Czechoslovakia, Poland, Soviet Union => Final Solution


What was the 'Final Solution'?

-Rid Europe of the Jewish problem
-SS rounded up jews and sent them to concentration camps
-Led by Adolf Eichmann