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What were mattocks used for and who used them?

Neolithic farmers used mattocks to turn up soil for planting crops.


What were tools made from?

Tools were made from polished stones, which was stronger and sharper.


What were used to cut down trees for room to grow crops?

Stone axes were used to cut down trees.


What crops did they grow?

They grew wheat and barley.


What did they make clothes from?

They made clothes from animal skin and sheep's wool, which they dyed with plants.


What does 'settler' mean?

A 'settler' is someone who lives in one area for their entire life.


What were their houses made from?

Their houses were made from wattle and daub. Wattle is saplings stuck in the ground, with sticks woven through them. Daub is a mixture is mud and straw, which was plastered on the wattle to keep the rain out. The roof was made from straw or rushes.


Name three neolithic tombs.

The Dolmen, which consisted of three stones covered by another stone called a capstone, Court Cairn, which had a burial tomb with two rooms, and a Passage Grave, which had a burial chamber with a long passageway. Passage graves had a corbelled roof.


What were put in the graves?

Grave goods such as food and clay pots were put in the graves.


What is a quern?

A queen is a small stone, used to grind grain on a larger stone.