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Name 3 details of background.

1. From Virginia, moved to live with his brother Lawrence
2. Trained to be a surveyor
3. Inherited his brothers land at age 20 when he died


Who did he marry?

He married Martha Dandridge who owned a huge plantation. He became very rich.


What was he a member of?

The Virginia Assembly, and he later attended the first and second Continental Congress in Philidelphia.


What was he appointed?

Comander-in-chief of the Continental Army.


What happened during winter?

The American Army trained with Washington and Prussian Officer Fredrick Von Steuben. This was the turning lint in the war as they became good enough to beat the British.


How did it end?

Washington beat General Cornwallis in Yorktown on October 19th 1781. The treaty of Paris was signed and it ended.