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What are post-holes?

Post-holes are the holes left from when upright posts once stood for making houses.


What is a hearth?

A hearth is a fireplace in a mesolithic house.


What is a midden?

A midden is a small pile of kitchen waste found outside a mesolithic hut.


What were tools made from?

Tools we made from small stones and little pieces of flint called microlits.


What were scrapers used for?

Scrapers were used to clean animal skin when making clothes.


What were hunter gatherers?

Hunter gatherers were people who hunted animals like birds and wild boar, and gathered nuts and berries to survive.


How were mesolithic houses made?

Mesolithic houses were made by bending saplings and sticking them into the ground to make the frame. The frame was then covered in sowed together animal skin or rushes.