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When was Treaty of Versailles signed?

28th of June 1919, in the Hall of Mirrors, Versailles.


What were the conditions of the Treaty of Versailles?

-Sign a 'War Guilt' clause admitting to starting the war
-Pay reparations of £6600 mil
-Alsace-Lorraine returned to France
-Land to Poland for a coastline. 1/10 population living abroad
-Army reduced to 100,000 men.
-Rhineland became demilitarised (between Fra, Ger & Bel)


What was wrong with the Treaty of Versailles?

-Defeated countries did not attend ("dictated peace" - Hitler
-Russia not invited
-Germans resented 'War Guilt'. Did not believe it was just them.
-New countries e.g. Poland, had many races etc. => Problems
-Italy was promised gains (Treaty of London). Did not receive them


What was the League of Nations?

An organisation set up by President Wilson (USA) after WW1 to keep the peace.


What is Fascism?

A political movement threat emerged in Europe during the interwar years. Fascists believed in a dictatorship and extreme nationalism. They were anti-communist. Private ownership


What is Communism?

A political system that believes the wealth of a country should be held in the hands of the state for the common good of the people. No private ownership


How did Stalin rule?

-Iron fist
-Secret Police = KGB
-Prison Camps = Gulags