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What was his goal?

To circumnavigate the globe.


Where did he get his ships?

The Spanish King Charles V gave them 5 ships, the Trinidad, Concepción, Victoria, Santiago and San Antonio and a crew of 248 men and boys.


What happened when they reached the bottom of South America?

At the Tierra del Fuego islands, the Santiago had been destroyed in a storm and the San Antonio had turned back.


How did he die?

He was killed in a battle in the Philippines against natives.


Who replaced him?

Sebastian del Cano who sailed them on to the Spice Islands where they landed in November 1521.


What happened to the Concepción and the Trinidad?

The Concepción was divided between the other two boats. After that, the Trinidad was captured by Portugese. Only the Victoria remained.


How many crew survived?

18 landed in Seville on the Trinidad led by Sebastian del Cano on November 8th 1522.


How do we know so much about Magellan?

One of his crew members Antonio Pigafetta kept a diary of the voyage.