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I'm about what year was bronze began being used in Ireland?

Bronze, a mixture of tin and copper, started being used in about 2000 BC.


What was the sickle used for?

The sickle was used to cut grass and crops.


What is a lunula?

A lunala is a gold necklace from the Bronze Age. Lunalae got their names form their half-moon shape.


What is a cist grave?

A cist grave is a type of grave, consisting of a shallow pit, lined with stones and covered by a large flat stone. Sometimes the bodies were placed crouched down in the grave and other times they burnt the body, and placed the remains in a large pot. Grave goods including food were put in as well.


What is a stone circle?

Stone circles were built by placing large, upright stones into the ground. Archaeologists are unsure of their use, but may have been used a place of worship.


Explain how a fulachta fiadh is used.

A fulachta fiadh is used by digging a hole in the ground, lining it with stones and filling it with clean water. Stones are heated over a fire and placed in the water to boil it. Meat is wrapped in straw and cooked in the boiling water.