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What is pre-history?

Pre-history is a time before written records we made


What is the study of layers in the ground called?

They study of layers is called stratigraphy.


What is aerial photography?

Photographs taken from the air to find crop marks.


What are geophysical surveys?

This is a method using metal detectors to find hidden objects in the ground.


What is field walking?

Field walking is walking over a site, looking for objects of any interest.


What are the steps to preparing a dig? (3)

1. Seal of the area
2. Remove the topsoil
3. Draw a site grid, with each square given a number and letter with the location of any found object written exactly on the grid.


What tools are used when doing a dig? (5)

Trowel: Main tool for digging
Sieve: Earth placed in sieve to separate the dirt and stones from the object.
Small Brush: Once examined, objects are cleaned with a small brush.
Photographic Scales: placed beside large objects to judge the size of it.
Polythene Bags: Object is then placed in the polythene bags which are labelled with the details of where the object was found.


Name and describe 2 ways artefacts are dated.

1. Dendracronology: Archaeologists count the rings of a tree to see how many years it has been living.
2. Carbon-14 Dating: All living things have the chemical carbon-14 in them. When they die, the amount of carbon-14 decreases, allowing archaeologists to calculate how many years it has been dead.


What is an artefact?

An artefact is a man-made object.