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Where was the first monastery set up?

The first monastery was set up by St. Enda on Inis Mór on the Aran Islands.


Why did they set up a monastery on Skellig Michael?

The monks set up a monastery on Skellig Michael because they wanted to live in isolated areas and devote their lives to God.


How did the monks live on Skellig Michael?

The monks lived on Skellig Michael by growing herbs using soil brought over to the island in wicker baskets, they kept goats for milk and cheese and they caught fish and ate meat from sea birds.


Name two other monasteries.

Two other famous monasteries are Glendalough and Clonmacnoise.


What buildings are in a monastery?

The buildings in a monastery are, an oratory where the monks prayed, a refectory where they ate, the beehive huts which had corbelled roofs where they prayed and studied gospels. Some monasteries, like Glendalough, had round towers where they stored valuables and hid in when they were attacked. Round towers had a bell on the top which was rang when it was time to eat. Some monasteries also had a guest house for people passing by the monastery.


What was a scribe?

A scribe was someone who wrote and copied manuscripts.


What was a stone mason?

A stone mason was someone who built stone crosses which were usually placed in the centre of a monastery.


What was a metal worker?

A metal worker was someone who made bells for the round towers and they also made chalices. The chalices were decorated with filigree work, which was the art of twisting and weaving gold wire.


What is a missionary?

A missionary is someone who goes around the world, establishing monasteries and spreading the word of Chistianity.


What happened when the Roman Empire collapsed?

When the Roman Empire collapsed, large parts of Europe were attacked by pagan tribes such as the Huns and the Vikings.


Who is Ireland's best known missionary?

St. Colmcille is Ireland's best known missionary because he set up a monastery on Iona, an island outside Scotland, which became one of the most important learning centres in Europe.