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ID the nations allied with Napoleon at the height of his power

Austria, Denmark, Norway, Prussia, Russia ( ally 1805-1811)


ID the nations controlled or indirectly controlled by Napoleon at the height of his power

Spain, kingdom of Italy, kingdom of Naples, Switzerland, confederation of the Rhine (Germany), and grand duchy of Warsaw (Poland)


ID the nations that remained outside of Napoleons control at the height of his power

Britain, Sweden, Portugal, Russia (1812)


ID the importance of each of the following battles of the napoleonic wars: Austerlitz, Trafalgar, Leipzig, and Waterloo

Austerlitz: first war napoleon crushed Austria, Prussia , and Russia
Trafalgar: lost against british navy
Leipzig: grand alliance defeats his forces after his invasion of Russia
Waterloo: ended napoleons return to France


Discuss the cause and importance of the Louisiana purchase to the US

Doubles our size, nap. Needed money for wars to expand empire, thought it would make us stronger and more of a threat to Britain


Explain how the peninsular wars weakened his military strength

The guerrillas(Spanish peasant fighters) would sneak up on soldiers, british send aid (troops) for the Spanish


Discuss the 100 days of napoleon

Napoleons last bid for power (his troops fight at Waterloo ), ended when the troops gave way and were chased from the field


ID the immediate reason for the French Revolution

The people were in debt and the lower class wanted more power


Discuss the events leading to the reign of terror

Louis 16 and Marie Antoinette executed, the national convention ( jacobins take control)


Discuss the reforms to french government made by napoleon

1. National banking system bank of France
2. Efficient and fair tax system
3. Lycées public school system
4. Merit system of govt hiring
5. Napoleonic code, equal rts. And freedom of religion
6. Rts and property back to Catholic Church , denied it any govt power ( sep of church and state)