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what is globalisation?

the growing interconnectedness of nations around the world - economically, politically and culturally.


What is sex tourism?

when westerners travel to third world countries for sex


what is arms trafficking?

selling weapons to illegal regimes, guerrilla groups and terrorists


what is risk consciousness?

people feel worried and think about the potential risks of being so closely connected to other parts of the world


Who claims that globalisation has led to changes in the pattern and extent of crime and that it had caused increasing crime at both ends of the class structure?

Ian Taylor


what is intelligence sharing?

sharing intelligence between different nations etc.


what is the deep, dark web?

websites that are publicly visible, but hide the IP address of the servers that run with them. They can be visited by any web user but it is difficult to work out who is behind the sites. These sites cannot be found using search engines.


What does glocal mean?

crime that is organised locally, but has international links


what is transitional organised crime?

crimes cutting across national boarders