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What is criminogenic capitalism?

The very nature of capitalism causes crime


what is selective law enforcement?

law enforcement favours the rich and powerful, but targets and punishes the poor


what is hegemonic control?

bourgeoisie have imposed their beliefs and values upon society and they have become dominant ones. This is why we are tricked unto associating criminality with the working class


what is corporate crime?

criminal acts committed by companies to increase their profits


what is secondary picketing?

people from one workplace joining the picket line of another workplace


what is non-decision making and who came up with it?

Chambliss- there are many situations that can be seen as immoral but are not against the law


Why does Corall believe corporate crime is not regarded as a serious problem against the general public?

- crimes are invisible
- it is often difficult to decide where the blame lies
- many people don't realise that they are a victim


Who believes harm caused by corporate crime is far more serious than street crime?

Box (1983)