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what are manufactured risks?

man made risks which we have never faced before, e.g global warming


What form of criminology defines environmental crime as anything that violates the law?

Traditional criminology


what type of criminology believes green crime should focus on any action that harms the environment, even if it isn't illegal?

Green criminology/transgressive criminology


Who argues that green criminology should 'focus on any action that harms the physical environment or the animals within it (human and non human) even if it is not illegal'?

White (2008)


White claims that there are two ways of looking at crime, what are they?

1. Anthropocentric

2. Ecocentric


What is the anthropocentric way of looking at crime?

A human centred way that values economic growth


What is the ecocentric way of looking at crime?

A way that sees humans and the environment as interdependent. The environment should be protected in its own right.


Who categorises green crime into primary and secondary crimes?



What is primary green crime?

Crimes that directly harm the environment and are linked to the destruction of the earths resources


What is secondary green crime?

Crimes committed as a result of people trying to avoid environmental laws, or the extra crimes that breaking environmental laws create