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What are social facts?

Social factors which control our behaviour - degree of moral regulation and degree of social integration


what is the degree of social integration?

the extent to which an individual experiences a sense of belonging to a group


what is the degree of moral regulation?

the extent to which society controls peoples norms and values


what is altruistic suicide?

This involves too much social integration and putting other/the group first. Suicide is like self sacrifice.


what is fatalistic suicide?

Involves too much moral regulation. It is caused when society over regulates people/strictly controls norms and values


what is egoistic suicide?

Involves too little social integration- it is caused by a lack of ties to others and society


what is anomic suicide?

involves too little moral regulation- it is caused when norms and values in society are unclear (often caused by rapid social change as people are unsure of what society expects of them)


what is status integration?

Compatible statuses that do not conflict with each other


what is low status integration?

when statuses conflict with each other


Who came up with low status integration?

Gibbs & Martin


Who found that coroners follow a set of assumptions to decide upon a verdict (is a death ruled as suicide or not)?



What is parasuicide?

when people who attempted suicide aren't certain about themselves or the outcome and they may not be aiming to die.


what is self-directed (ectopic) suicide?

when the individual is psychologically detached from others- suicide is a private act


what is submissive suicide?

when a person is certain about themselves and what they want to do. They want to die.


What is thanatation suicide?

when someone is uncertain about themselves. The suicide attempt involves taking a risk- they may or may not survive


What is other directed (symphysic) suicide?

when the individual has an overwhelming attachment to some other person (who could give them a reason for living). This form of suicide is not self contained but aims to communicate with others


What is sacrifice/revenge suicide?

when someone is certain about others- either they or someone else has done something wrong which makes living impossible. Usually person wants to die to make someone suffer/feel guilty or its a way for the person to deal with their own guilt


What is appeal suicide?

when someone is uncertain about themselves in relation to others- they have doubts about their importance to others and suicide helps to resolve this. It is an attempt to change somones behaviour.